DVD player

  taffyal 16:49 27 Dec 2005

I've been given 2 DVDs of videos, made by a friend. They play OK on my DVD rom, & writer. Wont play on a neighbours Domestic DVD player! I want to buy a player of my own, so need advice! The discs appear to be DVD+R. I assume that neighbours player only plays "bought" dvds. If I buy a Domestic player, could I get one that will play DVD+ R/RW & -R/RW at reasonable price? Also RAM discs? I know my writer will use these, but not sure if I will need them in the future!I assume the £20 players will be no use? I also guess that I would need some prog to convert from Divx or whatever my pal used to write these DVDs to a standard form? Any advice on this would be much appreciated.When I look on amazon & Ebuyer, they dont always make it clear exactly what their players will play! Cheers, Al.

  phono 16:52 27 Dec 2005

Most modern domestic DVD players will play both + and - R/RW media, just check the specifications on the box or in the handbook.

  handy4x 16:54 27 Dec 2005

as a general rule if they dont say they dont play but you are better off finding a model you like the look of and then go to the manufacturas website as they have a fuller specifacation and sometimes you can download a manual

  Night Ryder 16:57 27 Dec 2005

Anumber of issues here?
1. If the domestic DVD is a few years old it may not read the copied disk.
2. Is the copied disk/s in the correct format, ie: DVD format as opposed to a data disk with an MPEG or AVI file?

  pj123 16:58 27 Dec 2005

If you are looking for a standalone DVD player you might as well go for a DVD recorder.

My Liteon LVW 5006 plays and records to almost all formats (except RAM)

click here

It has probably been superceded by now but I find it quite easy to use.

  mike1967 17:01 27 Dec 2005

Most modern DVD players will play all discs, but what you will find is the cheaper ones will play anything my daughters one which we bought for 320 pounds last christmas is the only one inthe house that plays +r

  mike1967 17:02 27 Dec 2005

That was suppose to say £20

  mike1967 17:05 27 Dec 2005

Wish i hadnt said anything suppose to have said -r


  taffyal 17:12 27 Dec 2005

Thanks for replies.When I look at the cheap ones on ebuyer, etc, they just say play DVD, don't say what types!The one I tried to play on is rather aged!The disc does have some form of Divx compression though.The format I have no idea how it was done- plays OK on PC though.A recorder would be nice, but I'm afraid I'm looking for £50 max!My sisters boy has acheap one, & that apparently plays all sorts- perhaps I should check its brand.Difficulty is, if I buy from Ebuyer, & it doesnt categorically state +/-,R/RW etc, I'll have no comeback. Also, any ideas on Divx converion? Thanks, Al.

  mike1967 17:15 27 Dec 2005

Try this one from argos if you dont want an all singing all dancing one if it dont do what you want take it back and say it doesnt work they will refund you.
click here

  Stuartli 17:32 27 Dec 2005

doesn't work..>>

That's a bit below the belt.

Why did you not just suggest to say that it won't play the required type of disks? It then falls under the Sales of Goods Act as not being of merchantable quality or, alternatively, fit for its purpose.

That would not be telling lies.

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