DVD Player

  maveric 13:23 14 May 2005

Hi I have been playing / copying dvds. I have nero and dvd shrink. One disk will not play at all in my pc. (but will on stand alone player) Anyone any idears please? I have tryed lowering the colour and pixals as suggested to get it to play, but no luck :(

  SEASHANTY 20:00 14 May 2005

If its a DVD-R disc it may need finalising. DVD-R discs will ONLY play on the DVD recorder which created them until they are finalised on that recorder. This option might be under "utilities" or "disc management" or "tools" depending on the particular home recorder. Search around until you find it.

  maveric 21:20 14 May 2005

The disk that will not play is an original that I wanted to copy. But it will not play at all.

  Sans le Sou 21:24 14 May 2005

How/What with, are you trying to play this DVD

  maveric 07:33 15 May 2005

got nero and also inter actual player to play dvds. Trying to copy on shrink dvd. all others that I have tryed have worked fine, just this one disk.

  ashdav 09:47 15 May 2005

probably a region setting in your drive doing this.

  maveric 09:50 15 May 2005

I don't think so, its a region 2 as is my dvd player

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