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  [DELETED] 13:47 16 Aug 2003

Hi, when i upgraded my motherboard my DVD player stopped working, i thought it might be something wrong with my system and i needed to clean out my HD so i reformatted but there is still an error when i try to put a disk in, i have tried installing a newer version of the software and still nothing my new mother board is an asus P4XP motherboard and i got a new 512 PC2100 ram stick by crucial and i also got a celeron 2.40 GHz processor any ideas on whats wrong?? my DVD player is a panasonic dunno any other details because it came with comp .. . can ne one help?

Thanks in advance - Ashley

  [DELETED] 14:45 16 Aug 2003

We need a little more info like your operating system and have you double checked the connections to the drive..... installed the motherboard drivers? and the DVD software program?

  hugh-265156 14:46 16 Aug 2003

whats the error?

are the drivers for the dvd installed ok?have a look in control panel/system/hardware/device manager and look for yellow exclamation marks,this means the driver is not installed.

try right clicking the dvd drive here and select remove or uninstall then restart the computer and windows will detect the drive and will load up the correct drivers for it again.

  xania 14:49 16 Aug 2003

First and foremost, having installed a new mobo, you cannot safely continue with your old OS installation. Anything that's wrong can be attributed to this. You need to reformat your C:\ drive and re-install your OS. Then, if the problem persists, move on....

Is the DVD player recognised during boot-up. If not, you will need to go into your BIOS and set it up to see the player. Also make sure that you have connected the IDE the right way round - both the to player and to the mobo and that you have no bent pins.

Do any of the lights on the DVD light up during boot-up? If not, check that you have connected the power cable correctly - try a different connector.

  hugh-265156 15:00 16 Aug 2003

as xania above says,if you didnt reinstall windows after replacing the motherboard then this is surly your problem as windows is looking for the old hardware/mobo.

back up all your documents and reinstall windows.and then install your drivers.

  [DELETED] 18:17 16 Aug 2003

ahh i just typed a long para out and my dvd prog made the comp freze


Software! : win DVD, interactual, Windows ME

Boot up and lights: all correct work fine

plugs: all in

mobo Drivers: all installed

Drivers: all installed

Devices: all installed

The DVD Drive reads the disks you can browse them but you cant play them. im beginning to think that my video card is out dated or something :P

Before i reformatted i couldnt watch them and all drivers were installed. does all this help?

  [DELETED] 18:19 16 Aug 2003

windows ME i only have the OEM version lol its just a floppy disk but i installed the drivers and there is nothing wrong on the device drivers list

  [DELETED] 18:23 16 Aug 2003

i just ran intels app accelerator and it shows the dvd drive as a cd-rom drive could this be the prob?

  Stuartli 18:30 16 Aug 2003

CD/DVD-ROM drives and CD-RW rewriters only require the basic Windows driver - the key difference between a CD and a DVD-ROM drive is the type and read gap of the laser for each.

  xania 22:40 16 Aug 2003


As I said before, you must first reinstall windows. Everything else is just a waste of time.

  [DELETED] 09:16 17 Aug 2003

i did reinstall windows before though and that never helped the problem

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