DVD playback sound and vid problems

  Paroxetine 22:04 14 Feb 2004

HI all,

Having recently purchased a DVD player (x48 CDRW combi from MSI) I decieded to try it out on a few disks from the stops none of this copy stuff that could be floating around - just to make that perfectly clear.

The DVD is recognised, plays using power DVD latest version all patched etc. However the sound suffers from something akin to a needle scratched on a vinly record, every 3 or 4 seconds and not all the time, its dows appear to be random yet after a whiel you do switch off to the noise. Also but not at the same time as the noise but they do happen at the same tie just not in sync the video plaback will suffer from a pausing, or a very slight jump which looks like being paused or skipped.

Anyone else suffered this at all? I have tried numerous disks, disabled the network prior to AV software being disabled and closed as many applications and processes as I can all giving me the same problem.

The drivers for the sound card (PCI128) is up to date. The graphics of 32mb TNT card has its drivers up to date. I have all the right codecs on my computer for viewing most digitial formats as well just for good measure. Windows 2000 with all latest patches, 512mb of RAM matched for a 133 / 266 FSB board running a 1 gig Duron.

Is it the drive itself that could be playing up? Bit of a loss since this is a new area for me to be involved in.

Suggestons welcome as always.


  dfghjkl 22:31 14 Feb 2004

i had a mate who had a 700mhz p11 and it struggled with dvds.choppy pictures etc,but i ran one in an athlon 1400 running at 1.05g and it was ok.so there maybe a slim chance you are struggling with power,as far as the pictures go.but it does not explain the sound.check you have nothing running in the background.

  Paroxetine 08:30 15 Feb 2004

i tried to monitor the performance counters when it was running - the dvd that is - and found that the CPU stats do go over 75pc with the CPU's DPC's queued always stuck at 100%. These refere to the network so Technet say, though not sure why that would affect the playback of the DVD.

WE could be looking at a upgrade to the CPU though.

Any other suggestions?

  Stuartli 08:54 15 Feb 2004

I have a 400MHz Celerton which copes fine with DVDs using PowerDVD5.

Have you checked out your mixer panel to ensure that you haven't muted the sound output inadvertently in one of the sections or a slider(s) is set too low; also that PowerDVD's Configuration section is correct for audio and video?

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