DVD playback problem

  DMAN 21:38 21 Dec 2004


I just installed a dvdrw into my computer and also Nero software. This was OEM and came with NEC dvd drive. When inputting a disc and trying to play it media player doesn't play saying there it is unable.

This is annoying and I can't get it to playing using the nero software as it says I need a plugin which has to be purchased.

What do I do? Help please

  [DELETED] 21:47 21 Dec 2004

Have you got a software DVD player?

  DMAN 21:51 21 Dec 2004

What do you mean?

  [DELETED] 21:53 21 Dec 2004

To play DVDs you need a programme like Power DVD or one of the free software players.

  DMAN 21:54 21 Dec 2004

so windows media player can't play them?

  [DELETED] 21:57 21 Dec 2004

Never really tried playing via WMP Someone else can probably give you a definitive answer. (Maybe it is missing codecs or summat)

  DMAN 21:59 21 Dec 2004

I tried through WMP but didn't work....Is there any free software i can get from somewhere?

  greenlamp 21:59 21 Dec 2004

no it doesn't have the codecs that are required [microsoft saves a little on licence costs by not including them]. they are available for purchase by download, or installing one of the players mentioned will install them, so you can then either use the player or media player.

  dieselnc 22:00 21 Dec 2004

is it nero 6 ?if so it has a player called nero show time!

  [DELETED] 22:01 21 Dec 2004

Just tried a DVD in WMP - plays fine - but I also have PowerDVD installed.

  DMAN 22:01 21 Dec 2004

yeah...but it won't play using that either....It's oem software and asks you to purchase a plugin

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