PAUL A 12:31 21 May 2003

I am downloading digital films form my JVC digicam to my PC for editing and then writing them to DVD using Sonic myDVD software supplied with my Sony DRU500a DVD writer. When I view the film before writing to the DVD it is fine, but when viewed from the DVD, although the picture and sound quality are great, the picture appears to jump. Any suggestions as to why this happens.
I am running windows 98SE, on a Celeron PC with 384Mb RAM, with two 15 gig hard drives.

  stlucia 12:37 21 May 2003

I've used Sonic myDVD and DRU500A, but not had the jumping problem you report.

What software are you using to create the MPEG2 file(s) prior to burning?

When you view the movie on your PC, is it the .avi file you're viewing, or the MPEG2 file?

  -pops- 12:54 21 May 2003

I've recently found out that DVD writers are extremely choosy about the brand/type of disk they will write to. With my machine, even one of the recommended media brands gives less than satisfactory results although it is perfectly OK with others.


  BigMoFoT 13:00 21 May 2003

Is DMA mode enabled on your DVD drive?

  PAUL A 15:01 21 May 2003

Here is the method used to create the DVD
his is the software/process that I follow. Basically, the Sonic MyDVD
wizard does it all for me and so I have not needed to check the format.

1. I use the Sonic MyDVD wizard to create/modify a DVD disc. This process
involves capturing the video from my camcorder to my hard drive. I'm not
sure what format it captures it in but I have used a combination of
selecting Best Quality and Better Quality using the wizard. (Also Good
Quality is available).

2. Once the video capture is complete, I can create a menu which points to
the chapter points. These chapter points are set during capture. Either by
manually applying using the space bar or when I stop the capture and restart
using a different project.
E.g Start - capture holiday video - End. (Chapter 1). Start - capture Xmas
video - End (Chapter 2).
Once this is done, a preview button is available and shows a perfect quality
picture and sound. Again as this is all done by the software I have not
checked what format it is.

3. Then I select burn to disc button and the wizard burns it to disc.

It's as simple as that.

It is only when a view back the disc using Power DVD or my own Sony DVD
player that the picture/sound jumps.

  hugh-265156 15:33 21 May 2003

patch for power dvd click here

  crx1600 15:41 21 May 2003

sonic myDVD is supposed to be able to create DVD movie's from video files in 'real time'.

compared to the usual process of encoding/transcoding files to mpeg-2, which could take over 10 hours it seems 'to good to be true' and maybe it is!

i do have myDVD but don't actually use it, and have only just noticed this feature on their website, if it works then it is a real bonus, but i wouldn't expect great results.

  stlucia 15:50 21 May 2003

I agree with crx1600. I use Pinnacle to download the movies from the camera, to edit them, and then to save them as MPEG2 files. That last task takes hours on my system, so if Sonic is doing it on the fly, there's every likelihood that it's skipping frames from time to time.

I only use Sonic to burn the DVD after I've created the MPEG2 files.

Other postings in this forum have also suggested that the two different functions of editing/saving, and burning, are best carried out by separate dedicated software.

  BigMoFoT 15:58 21 May 2003

I think I know - with the DLA software that comes with the Sony drive, you have to install their version of power DVD as it is specific for the drive - also it needs to be installed before the DLA software goes on

  crx1600 16:14 21 May 2003

visit sonic support and search for sony, for there known burning issue's. click here

they do recommend you update to the latest firmware, version 2.0f click here

although your problem isn't described as a known issue, so it may not be the answer.

  crx1600 17:01 21 May 2003

just installed myDVD into a spare winME partition, first time ive installed it in the 6 months ive had the disc.

i notice the requirement for directX 8.1, and wonder what version your are running. the latest version of directX 9 has caused me lots of problems with video playback and have seen other threads suggesting the same.

goto start\run and type in dxdiag, to see which version you are running. if it is 9 id considering going back to 8.1 (system restore should have created a restore point when 9 was installed)

the program itself works very well for me, i just created a DVD clip, and it works fine.

most amazingly it recognises, and is happy to convert my mp2 video files, saved from ATI-tv, which until now have proved impossible to edit or convert to DVD, and ive tried many many programs over the last 2 years.

strange it list my sony as a pioneer until the burn process, when the sony appears along side my other burner (panasonic) in the drop down menu.

i think ive just been converted to myDVD :o)

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