DVD photo disc

  joelmb 15:34 13 Apr 2005

Hi. I've just bought a new DVD-rw drive and some discs and want to try creating a DVD containing all of my photo's, for backup and also I'd like to view the pictures on my DVD player, ideally with a thumbnail manu of the images which would be clickable to enlarge each pic...

If I just create a data DVD will I have menu's to view the image files when viewed on the player? Or do I have to get hold of some extra photo gallery software to create what I want?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:47 13 Apr 2005

With a data dvd you will be able to see each photo in succession; for the thumbnailed gallery you will need a special program - someone may be able to suggest a tried and trusted option.

  TomJerry 15:58 13 Apr 2005

backup and viewing, it is better to separate these two tasks.

if you view picture from data DVD, it can only be done if your DVD player can handle jpg files, not many can do this, some support directory structure, some do not, under directory, you can navigate to the file you want to view.

Generally, it takes long time to open each file becuase your picture's resolution is high and file is big. TV's resolution is only 720x576 (DVD quality), so it is better to resize all your photo to this resolution just for showing purpose. small files will be quick to open and display

the best way to view pictures is to produce slideshow movies using program such as proshow gold click here

  quack 16:24 13 Apr 2005

I use Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 which does the job easily and without any problems

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