DVD+ or DVD - Which should I use ????

  boot-it-out 07:48 31 May 2004

Thinking of getting my first DVD burner - intending to buy a "Dual" type for burning "DVD+" or "DVD-" mainly intended for converting video tapes to DVD discs.

Which format should I use ? ( and which disc media should I buy ? ) - will either format play back on a "Normal" DVD Player ( ie not one housed in a computer, but the one under my Television set ?? ) and any other thoughts on the subject would ne appreciated.

Cheeers for your advice folks,

Alan M

  €dstowe 08:49 31 May 2004

Most modern DVD players will play both + and - formats. If your player is older you may find it only plays - format disks.

Use the minus disks because, at the present time, they are cheaper.

We get out disks from click here and click here

Be careful to buy disks suitable for your burner as most burners can be faddy as to what they burn to.

Both of those companies, above, do selection packs of disks if you can't find any specifically recommended for your burner.


  €dstowe 08:52 31 May 2004

"We get our - - " not "out"!! sorry.

  961 09:13 31 May 2004

You'll find comprehensive reviews of DVD writers at click here but the most important bit of this sort of thing is finding out which types of disk your existing or proposed dvd player will recognise

On the same site is a list of dvd players giving details of what they will, and will not, play properly. Don't buy a dvd burner until you've established if you are going to have a set up that will work. While most new dvd players recognise most modern burners output, many older players do not

An alternative solution is a portable dvd burner that plugs into the computer via USB2 and then plugs into the tv in the normal way. Philips JackRabbit4 is reviewed at click here on the reviews page at 15th April

  TomJerry 09:34 31 May 2004

As the discs are not expensive now, so it is a good idea to have two copies of everything, one on + and one in -. Keep two copies in different location, so if one damaged, you have another copy.

Why do this (1) DVD/CDs (special burnt, not commericially pressed) are not as reliable as we would like. (2) Save money in long run, imagine how much trouble it will save you if one disc failed.

For me, three copies of everything. one in +, one in -, written on different brand and written by two different writers, the third copy is just a image file on an external HDD. The files are not really important, but I just hate when I cannot find something because a disc failed.

  boot-it-out 13:53 31 May 2004

Many thanks for all the useful advice.

Having checked the Web Site suggested I have found that my old DVD Player only recognises "DVD -" but "DVD +" seems to be a little more popular with newer platers so I'll be burning both as suggetsed.

Thanks again,

Alan M

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