DVD not working.

  dave-jens 09:54 25 Dec 2003

I have just upgraded my PC last month. AMD 2400 cpu, new motherboard, HD and 512 ram.plus now XP instead of win98.
Installed my old Radeon 7200 64mb AGP and old CD/DVD drive.
Everything works exept the DVD/CD drive does not recognise DVD's when I put them in yesterday. CD's are fine and the graphics are fine. All the latest drivers,etc.
I got 3 new DVD's and I can't play them.
If I put a disc in and check the contents on My Computer it does not read the disc. Yet CD's it is fine. This suggests its not the media player as I have the latest from ATI.
Propeties for the drive show DVD region etc.
Why will it not work?
It was fine before the upgrade.

  Stuartli 10:10 25 Dec 2003

Could be a number of reasons with the worst scenario being that the DVD laser has gone AWOL.

I'm presuming that you are using the correct region, that if you are using Windows Media Player you have not set Parental Controls for certain types of films etc, that DVD is enabled in WMP's formats, file types etc.

  billyliv 10:40 25 Dec 2003

Hi, Silly question,. Have you installed the DVD software?. ie. Power DVD. Cheers, Bill

  dave-jens 14:04 25 Dec 2003

The software is ATI multi media centre ver 7.1.
It has a DVD player in it. It has worked before with this, before the upgrade. I assume it has a dvd decoder built in as it has not needed other software before. The region is set OK. I will check wmp format. ( it was a PG I tried to play!)

Stuartli, if the dvd laser is awol, is that seperate from the cd laser? because playing cd rom is fine.

  dave-jens 14:06 25 Dec 2003

Parental control was off.

  Gaz 25 14:28 25 Dec 2003

If it plays a CD but not a DVD,

then it is either the wrong drive, not a DVD one.


like my Lite On was, faulty.

  Big Elf 14:30 25 Dec 2003

Did you install DirectX 9.0 and Windows Media Encoder 9.0? The ATI site states that these are required before the installation click here

  Stuartli 16:58 25 Dec 2003

A DVD-ROM drive normally has two lasers, one for CDs and the other for DVDs, because different wavelengths are used for the laser in each case; the DVD laser is the shorter wavelength of the two beams.

"A CD laser and DVD laser are different. The light from a DVD laser has a wavelength of 640 nanometers where the light from a CD laser is 780 nanometers.

"The smaller DVD laser wavelength allows it to
focus on the smaller pits in the DVD disk, which accounts for the increase in storage capacity."

  asder 22:17 25 Dec 2003

The ATI multimedia centre requires the separate download/install of the DVD player software.Which version are you useing. you will require the original CD & 180 number from CD to install .regards asder

  dave-jens 00:17 26 Dec 2003

A system compatability check has revealed that my DVD/CD Rom drive does not have the UDMA enabled. I take it this could be the problem.
I cannot enable it via the DVD rom Properties on Win XP, I have checked it in the BIOS and it is Disabled. If I leave the drive TYPE on Auto in the settings it does not let me change it to options 0-6 instead of disabled. The only way is for me to put CD Rom in the field but then which number do I pick? The HD has 2 in the UDMA field, does the dvd need to be the same?
Any suggestions?
PS. The DVD/cd rom drive I am using was fine with my old motherboard and win 98, DVD's played fine. I could probable enable UDMA in the properties.

  dave-jens 00:19 26 Dec 2003

Thanks for you help so far............

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