DVD not playing Video but rest okay

  mickp2127 17:04 25 Mar 2017

My DVD drive plays CD's and Data DVD but not Video DVD. It did used to before Updating to W.10. When I put a DVD in it gets recognised in Windows explorer but crashes any program i try to play it on. It also crashes Window Explorer if I try to inspect the individual files. It does this on bought videos and ones I have burnt. Is it a W.10 problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:26 25 Mar 2017

rashes any program i try to play it on?

win 10 does not have in built DVD software try VLC

  mickp2127 09:49 26 Mar 2017

That seems to work. Thanks

  Ryan Stevens 10:12 30 Mar 2017

Thanks, friend it's really useful. VLC nice Video player, now I can play every format Video on VLC.

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