DVD not playing in correct order

  flobby 01:00 30 Oct 2018

I have LG dvd player DP132, and when I put a TV series on a usb and play it the files are not in order as 1,2,3,4 but randomly like 2,3,1,4 Which is annoying as I have to stop the dvd and toggle down or up to get to the next episode in the proper order to watch, Cheers Colin

  conrail 22:01 01 Nov 2018

is there a 'shuffle' option selected? you can always play using the select episode option rather that play all, the other option is to rename the files putting numbers in front of the title, if more than 10 remember to start with 01, hope this helps

  flobby 09:31 02 Nov 2018

Thank You, But No there is no shuffle option. The list in the menu on the dvd player is random although when on the computer it is in Alpha and numeric order. I have renamed them with the numbers first and even just numbers eg. 001,002,003,etc. But still they appear in random order. Cheers Colin

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:52 02 Nov 2018

They are likely to be in order of which you placed them on the USB stick

  flobby 23:12 02 Nov 2018

No I have put them on the usb in the correct order, and Have added a second series and that is also mixed up with the first series. eg. series i episode 4,,series 2 episode 6, series 1 episode 7, series 2 episode 5 etc.

  martd7 13:06 03 Nov 2018

I have found that if you want things in order on a usb stick ive had to put the files in 1 at a time even though they are labelled 01-20 transferring them all at once does mix the order up so you do have to put the files on one at a time,for Music,However it you put them on in a folder for example labelled various songs they will stay in the folder in the correct order

For your problem if your TV Series is labelled 01 -however many episodes and you put them in a folder named for example "TV Series 1" the files will keep their order,then the same for series 2 and onwards

  flobby 23:19 06 Nov 2018

Hi All, This is the reply I got from LG. Hi Colin,

Thank you for your query regarding your DP132

I have looked into this issue with my technical team and they have advised me that this is likely being caused due to the DVD player having a different ordering system to the USB drive. There is no way to change this function on the DVD player and so i am sorry to say that we can not assist you further with this issue.

If the files are being ordered alphabetically then i would recommend that you change the file names if possible.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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