DVD Nightmare

  Snakey 21:21 15 Nov 2003

System is New Intel PIV 2.6GHZ 800fsb. 1GB RAM on a Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Motherboard. NEC ND-1300A DVD R/RW CD-R/RW Drive. Running MS Windows XP Pro.

Every time I load a DVD the system hangs. Hangs frequently when a Data CD is loaded. Have swapped DVD Drive but same happens. When a CD R/RW Drive is installed instead the system performs okay. On the last occasion I tried to run a DVD the system hung as usual but when I restarted everything seemed to function very very slowly. I created a new user and this overcame this problem. Have again tried the DVD under this new profile without success. I seem to remember this started to happen when I loaded Power DVD xp. I have tried to uninstall this program again without success. Even tried logging in as Administrator through Safe Mode again without success. Have loaded WinDVD same happens. Just tried this second DVD R/RW Drive in another PC and is okay.

Help Please

  keenan 21:30 15 Nov 2003

What about 'System restore'?

  Snakey 21:34 15 Nov 2003

Have not tried System Restore yet. Thanks

Any other ideas welcome

  bta1 21:37 15 Nov 2003

Have you sorted out the whole 'master and slave' palava that comes with cdrw and dvd??
That sounds like then problem

  Snakey 21:40 15 Nov 2003

Yes.Have tried Slave on Primary and both Master and Slave on Secondary

  Bullyboy 21:43 15 Nov 2003

Must be something to do with what file the pc trys to run when it detects that a DVD has been put in.

Try and find what program is set to run when you insert a DVD. Like Realplayer, WMP etc.

Other than that, i would

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\> format c:

Proceed with Format (Y/N)?


  Bullyboy 09:30 16 Nov 2003

Well, that format screen worked well didnt it!

  tenplus1 10:01 16 Nov 2003

Try turning OFF the autoplay feature for your DVD drive and do things manually for a while to see if that works...

I have the NEC drive also and never had a problem so far, so maybe it's a software prob with the autoplay/players feature...

  rickf 10:24 16 Nov 2003

Have you enabled DMA?

  Snakey 13:50 16 Nov 2003

How do I enable DMA in XP ?

  critic-al 14:27 16 Nov 2003

go to control panel/device manager/click on the + sign next to IDE/ata/atapi controllers
right click on primary then properties/advanced settings/and make the changes there,do the same with secondary as well (DEVICE 0) trasfer mode ,dma if available
(device 1)device type "auto detection,"
transfer mode "Dma if available" click ok.

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