DVD movies judder on my PC

  jonjo72 11:06 19 Feb 2007

Hi all

Until recently I could play movies on my PC without any problem. Recently the DVD movies have begun to judder, both sound and picture. I have no explaination for this. I have tried everything to fix this, such as going through the DVD trouble shooter, Uninstalling Cyberlink Power Cinema and then downloading a newer version. Its driving my children and wife mad. Please help anyone.


  maidenlewes 11:10 19 Feb 2007

Do you have another drive to check? It doesnt sound like that's the problem, but if it's possible, it's always good to rule out hardware error.

  jonjo72 11:15 19 Feb 2007

I have done this, when playing PC - DVD games everything is fine. I presume it must be a software problem or a problem with the snyc ing of the PC, Screen and DVD movies

  €dstowe 11:17 19 Feb 2007

Do you have other programs running at the same time?

Playing a DVD means a lot of hard work for a computer and if it's trying to do other things as well, it will try an share the jobs and thus appear to slow down.

  maidenlewes 11:18 19 Feb 2007

Expanding on what €dstowe said - check for spyware as a culprit for 'other programs running'.

  jonjo72 11:26 19 Feb 2007

Hi all

I cerainly do close all other programs down when playing a DVD. I am a bit of a novice on the whole spyware thing. What is the best way for me o identify a spayware problem and deal with it?

  keithlik 12:16 19 Feb 2007

Search the web for Ad-Aware SE There are other similar sites so double check the exact (Ad-Aware SE) address.

Download the FREE Ad-Aware SE Software and follow the instructions for a really superb free application.

You could also download the programme - Spy Remover (again use the exact site when you search) and download the free trial. - Another excellent choice.

Good luck jonjo

  chaime 13:59 19 Feb 2007

Have you recently installed any DVD decrypting software? If you have, this may be the culprit. As far as I know,the only way to solve the problem is to remove the decrypting software.

  moorie- 00:05 20 Feb 2007

if you uninstall the secondary ide controller this resets the dma once you have rebooted

control panel
device manager
secondary ide/ata/atapi controllers
delete above and reboot
xp will install at correct setting

  moorie- 00:08 20 Feb 2007

see also click here

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