DVD Movie Incompatability

  sil_ver 14:57 13 Nov 2008

Anyone have an idea why my Desktop PC (WinXP) will not play a legal DVD movie but Laptop (Vista) will. The PC system use a SATA TSSTcorp Samsung DVD drive and has had a firmware flash. If memory serves, the desktop used to play movies OK, all I've done to it is re-format and re-install the OS and latest drivers.

  [email protected] 15:04 13 Nov 2008

could be a codec issue.
click here
Or try vlc player
click here contains most codecs

  sil_ver 15:16 13 Nov 2008

Cheers Raven. I already have VLC. The problem seems to be that the DVD drive can't read the movie. I thought it might be some sort of 'protection' on the DVD - latest Indie Jones - but then it wouldn't have played on either. I've just tried 'Titanic' and it plays ok

  eedcam 18:32 13 Nov 2008

Have you looked at the disc a thumbprint might be ok on your laptop drive but not the pc

  sil_ver 19:30 13 Nov 2008

Nah! The DVD was clean. Guess it's gonna be one of life's little mysteries

  eedcam 20:11 13 Nov 2008

If the drive sees titanic then its gotta be the disc I have indie and it plays on my pc XP
You could download imgburn its free and seeif that sees the disc it;ll tell you its copywrited but at least confirm its seen.Assuming of course you cant just explore the disc
click here

  sil_ver 00:53 14 Nov 2008

eedcam: Once the DVD is in the drive you can't do anything until you eject it as it freezes everything.

  eedcam 05:55 14 Nov 2008

Freezing as far as I know is usually a Read problem or conflict though you say it will read another dvd.Dont have any dvd installed or the likes?

  sil_ver 10:33 14 Nov 2008

I'm pretty sure it's a read problem, Maybe the disc was a bit marginal for the DVD drive. I think I'll close this thread now as I don't think it will be resolved except by speculation.

  tigertop2 11:44 14 Nov 2008

Just a thought. If it is displaying anything like the intro and fiolm licence etc but freezes on the opening of the film try using the 'enter' key on your keyboard and not the mouse. I had similar problems on the Blu-ray 'Godfather Trilogy' and this sorted it.

  sil_ver 21:16 14 Nov 2008

Nothing on screen as it's still trying to read the disc and failing by going into a loop.

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