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  genesis59 10:27 17 Apr 2006

In simple terms can a DVD rewriter with a spec of x8 max write to a DVD-R 1-16x disc?
Using NEC ND6650A Writer in Dell 5150c desktop.

  flanagan 10:50 17 Apr 2006


  genesis59 11:28 17 Apr 2006

In that case does anyone know why a maxell dvd=r 1-16x disc isn't recognised by my drive.
Before putting in a blank disc Windows Explorer recognises the drive as a dvd, when the blank is put in the drive is then indicated as a CD.

  genesis59 11:29 17 Apr 2006

Sorry that should read dvd+r.

  Smiler 11:36 17 Apr 2006

When I put a dvd into my dvd writer it also changes to a cd drive in windows explorer this is something to do with xp not being able to write to dvds I think.

Have you opened your dvd writing program such as nero to see if it recognises the disc?
And have you actually trie dwriting to a disc using your dvd software.?

  genesis59 11:41 17 Apr 2006

Yes I've just managed to format it so it was then recognised as the title I gave it when asked to name the dvd. I now can't "look" at the disk in explorer. When I click on the drive it won't stay on that drive.
I don't want to be a computer guru I just want to save to a dvd. How complicated does it have to be?

  terryf 11:49 17 Apr 2006

Use nero

  Smiler 11:52 17 Apr 2006

What software are you using

  genesis59 12:21 17 Apr 2006

Roxio Sonic.
I used nero on my previous pc for cd recording and it was fine. Never had the dvd facility before.
Also the software that came with the Sony video camera.
I pulled the left side of my hair out with that.

  Totally-braindead 12:31 17 Apr 2006

You say you formatted it, you also say its a dvd+r. Regardless of whether its a +r or -r you do not format DVDRs, DVDRW disks yes but not DVDRs. I think what you have done is finished the disk and will not be able to write anything else to it. Which may explain why Windows jumps away from it. You also seem to be trying to use explorer, I'm wondering if part of the confusion is because Windows cannot write to DVDs, it certainly should be able to read DVDs but it cannot write to them.

  genesis59 18:57 17 Apr 2006

I'm even more confused now. I reckon your right in that the disk may be finished but surely I should have been able to see what was on it using explorer? Plus when I put the disk in the drive I was asked to give it a name and it went through a process that looked like it was being formatted.

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