DVD Magic cover disc - installation probs

  Redk1ng 22:30 19 Jul 2003

is anybody else having trouble installing DVD Magic from this months cover disk

  Lorenzo 10:15 22 Jul 2003

Yes the installation process appears to be very slow and my AMD 2000 XP Machine as trouble reading the cover disk.
Although it appears to install correctly, when I insert a DVD it gives me an error ie.(GL)
Tried the Cosmi website but no reference to DVD Magic.

  Gazza54B 17:11 24 Jul 2003

I had the "error GL" message when i tried to back up a certain DVD, when i tried another it was fine. I wonder if this message has something to do with copy protection.

  WallyD 17:29 24 Jul 2003

I read the dvd and when completed it told me to put a cdrom in the d: drive
This was done and after an initial pause I hit OK and only got a flicker and the message remained and was locked.
Any ideas ?

  Totally-braindead 19:26 24 Jul 2003

It worked fine with me but I did wonder if it was ok. Tried it with a DVD, it took about 2 and a half hours to compress the DVD and about half an hour to burn 2 CDs(it split them automatically). The only thing I noticed with it is it seems to require the DVD to be in the drive before you start the program and at the bit where you can change the temporary directory this part of the screen is behind the DVD Magic outer shell so I can only see about half of it and therefore can't change where I want the temporary directory to be. Apart from that it works ok for me.

  teddye 08:18 26 Jul 2003

I have scsi writer and dvd drive running win xp
It appears to install but then stalls at looking at ASPI
I have the latest Aspi drivers
Any ideas


  powerless 08:28 26 Jul 2003

Error GL - "I wonder if this message has something to do with copy protection." I think it is.

The install is a little rubbish as the flags that you can click to install to the flags language does not higlight or anything so it had me wondering what to do. Anyway when i click a flag it installed within about 20 seconds.

"The only thing I noticed with it is it seems to require the DVD to be in the drive before you start the program" - Its annoying that!

To change the temp directory at stage 4 click extra options and its at the bottom.

Also how do you get rid of the subtitles?

  powerless 08:30 26 Jul 2003

AH lol found it.

Stage 2 = Subtites - None ;-)

  albin 07:29 28 Jul 2003

I have tried several times to install DVD Magic. What a complicated process this is. Even now I'm not sure if I have got all of it installed. For instance viewing the add/remove programs feature of XP, it tells me that DVD Magic is .05MB. Can this be right?. Also Start/All programs shows DVD Magic but moving the cursor to highlight this only reveals the update sections and not the main launch program.

  BigAl127 07:53 28 Jul 2003


I have the same exactly the same problem(s), except add/remove programs shows the size as 0.6MB

  powerless 01:00 29 Jul 2003

Do a search for "DVD Magic" and click it's icon.

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