DVD Magic

  Jason-284828 09:48 21 Aug 2003

I have just installed DVD magic on to my laptop last night, which went O.K, the problem I have is when I try to make copies of my DVD's It starts off happy enough and does what it need's to do to make a copy on to CDR. Now when I come to play the CDR the picture and sound is fine execpt it will only be 20mins of the film with giant chunks missing, so I'll get the 1st 5mins miss the next 30mins and then have the next 10mins. After wasting serval CDR I decided to keep the copy it makes on my HHD and view it before copyig it to CDR. I have tried all the setting VSC, SVCD etc but I'm still having the same problem. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it, it's just that I'm going to German next week and did not want to take the DVD to play on my laptop while I'm over there.

Thanks for any help

  JoeC 09:56 21 Aug 2003

into the search box, select " last month " and " thread titles and postings", you will get a lot of hits which might assist you.

  Smiler 10:02 21 Aug 2003

I've just tried your idea and got thirteen hits in the last four weeks. This doesn't seem to be one the best programs given away by PC Advisor on a cover disc. I have used it myself and I was not impressed by the program at all.

  Jason-284828 10:17 21 Aug 2003

...but they all seemed about installation & not finding the DVD drive, My problem is that it says it's worked o.k and looks like it's worked o.k till you come to watch the CDR and you find, fr example a 1h30mins film is only 15mins long with 5mins from the begining 5mins from the middle and the last 5mins. I tried to copy 5 different DVD's and get various amounts of the film but always the same problem of not having the anywhere near the whole film.


  Weatherlawyer 18:52 22 Aug 2003

definitely a crappy programme. I have not been able to load it on my PC with XP Home. That's what I am doing here trawling for help.

To be fair they didn't say the programme was worth anything. Nor for that matter that it was not worth anything.

Perhaps it had something to do with the latest virus problems? I have now got a slow computer and I loaded, or tried to, the cd about the time the latest ones were hitting everyone.

Their helpline for the disk is:

0870 739 7630.

How much is that number charged at?

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