DVD on laptop

  ton 14:18 28 Mar 2004

Evesham laptop (new), 3gig AMD64 CPU, 1gig memory and WinXP.

DVD playback is poor, every now and then the sound/vision falters, as if the computer can't keep up. Have tried other playing software and also same in Media player. Other DVD's also the same.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

  tenplus1 14:27 28 Mar 2004

Check the following:

1) DMA for your HD and DVD drive is switched ON

2) Check for Spyware as this will slow your system down

3) Check for Viruses too...

What DVD Player are you using ?

  Diodorus Siculus 15:52 28 Mar 2004

Might also be worth checking that there are no powersaving options trying to kick in - some DVD software does not always communicate that the PC is in use.

  ton 18:39 28 Mar 2004

Thanks for replies, DMA is enabled, checked for viruses - none.

All power saving options turned off.

This laptop has only been online to AVG for updates and to check email a few times so it should be clean.

The player is WinDVD4 but we've tried PowerDVD and also MediaPlayer with the same result.

The fault doesn't happen a lot, just now and again, enough to annoy.

  QuickHare 18:55 28 Mar 2004

It sounds as though the following could be the cause:

- DVD is on same cable as harddrive, causing the DVD drive to slow down.

- DVD is slow fullstop. However, it should be a standard speed to play DVDs full speed if nothing else.

- Other programs are running. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and click Task Manager to see what is running when the DVD programs are NOT running. It could be another program pulling the speed down.

Does anybody else have an idea?

  ton 19:19 28 Mar 2004

This is a new laptop from Evesham so I would have thought it is set up as it should be.

As far as we know nothing else is running.

More ideas?

  Al94 19:46 28 Mar 2004

Have you spoken to Evesham helpdesk?

  ton 20:08 28 Mar 2004

Haven't been in touch with Evesham yet. The problem has only just come to light.
That will be the next step if no answers are found here.

  ton 21:02 30 Mar 2004

Emailed Evesham on Sunday, no reply yet (Tuesday).

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