DVD labelling

  Newuser891 17:33 19 May 2004

All my Cds are labelled. I have been told that DVDs should not be labelled as the lable upset the balance of the DVD and so they will not play properly. Is this true? Has anyone any ideas about labellinng the DVD discs?

  mikeyb59 17:45 19 May 2004

I have always labelled all my CD's and DVD's and never had a problem.

Who gave you this info and on what grounds?

Don't worry about it.

P.S. I'm assuming here that you use the full circular labels.

  exit 19:24 19 May 2004

you could always by a new printer that will print directly onto the disc be it cd or dvd

i have seen some very good results,


  g0nvs 19:30 19 May 2004

DVD labels are not recommended due to heat generated by your DVD player.Take a look here.
click here

  pj123 19:43 19 May 2004

I'm with mikeyb59 here. I have labels on all my CDs and DVDs with no problem. Labels from Choice Stationery at click here and the best Label programme I have ever used is Discus from click here

  maz2 20:44 19 May 2004

Anyone have an idea where I can get a freeware programme for DVD labelling

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:46 19 May 2004

You rang? Google to the rescue! ....click here


  OneSirKnight 20:50 19 May 2004
  maz2 20:53 19 May 2004

Thanks a lot I shall investigate now

  mikeyb59 15:42 20 May 2004

I also agree with exit, have just bought an Epson R300 + printable cd/dvd's. No more worries

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