DVD incompatibility

  cherie 23:35 29 Oct 2003

I've just spent most of the evening trying to transfer dv video footage from my camcorder to DVD for the first time. I eventually managed it but the DVD will only play on the computer & not on my DVD player. Anyone able to advise??

  [email protected] 23:48 29 Oct 2003

does your DVD player support vcd or svcd

i presume you are using the vcd format?

some dvd players dont support vcd

  BeForU 06:38 30 Oct 2003

actually all dvd drives should be able to read a vcd, as can normal CD-ROM drives! he says he transfered to a DVD so im thinking that his player cannot read DVD-R's etc!

  cherie 08:54 30 Oct 2003

Thanks for the help [email protected] & BeForU. (I'm female, by the way- not a 'he' !!)
I checked in my Sony DVD Player manual & discovered exactly what you suggested- it can't play DVD-Rs!!:(

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