DVD to Hard drive?

  fujitsu boy 20:52 20 Mar 2005

I was wondering if anybody knew of any software that could copy a DVD onto my hardrive? I have a standard DVD/CD-RW drive with no DVD burn facility... is it possible? Is is possible, more to the point, with any FREE software??


  Technotiger 20:55 20 Mar 2005
  great1 21:28 20 Mar 2005

click here

try this

  great1 21:31 20 Mar 2005

click here

should read ::::try this and select dvd shrink from the top ten list and it's free

  Praxis99 23:46 20 Mar 2005

Bearing in mind that what you intend to do is only legal if you own the copyright to the DVD you intend to copy the following three programmes which are all free (and small downloads)will serve you well.

(1) To decrypt the DVD click here
(2) To mount the DVD (and CD's for that matter) as an ISO image in a virtual drive which will allow playback via your DVD software click here
(3)To shrink the DVD by ideally just removing any superfluous extras but also via using compression to fit a single layer DVD (duel layer is also supported)click here

All programmes are fairly intuitive to use but should you run into problems they have good help files and plenty of advice is available online.

Just bear in mind my first comments!

  fujitsu boy 10:05 21 Mar 2005

I have got that in mind, indeed I believe it is possible to backup a DVD for your own personal use as long as you delete that backup as and when you sell / part with the original DVD? Is that not the case?

Anyhoo... have found one now, from a link posted here: so thanks everybody!

  Praxis99 15:30 21 Mar 2005

While its hardly likely that the weight of the video industry is going to come down on your head for copying a couple of DVD's to your hard drive (how would they know anyway unless you started distributing them in some fashion)its a fact that you are not entitled to make a copy of a commercial DVD (for which you don't own the copyright) even for backup purposes, just read the licence on any commercial DVD. The UK having some of the most stringent copyright laws in the world.

This has been the case even from the days of tape copying of LP's and remains so today. But due too a tacit acceptance on the part of the music and video industries that copying for personal use would happen anyway they have done little to pursue individuals copying music or video except increasingly in the case of high volume file sharers whom they how seem to be pursuing with some vigor.

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