DVD ghost backup

  trickydicky 12:22 19 Dec 2004

I have tried to ghost my hard drive onto CD-R using Norton Ghost, but when it gets almost to the end of burning it tells me that there is an error, and I am left with a coaster. I have set Ghost to span Multiple CD-Rs but it has done it twice now. Is there any way to use my DVD burner to make a ghost image from a DOS command. Is it possible to do this and is there a program that would allow you to do this. I have a Hitachi Deskstar hard drive but it did not come with a utilities disk that might have allowed me to ghost it.


  mattyc_92 12:24 19 Dec 2004

This is a problem with ghost... go to the symantec website (click here) and see if their online database help can help

  Peter 12:34 19 Dec 2004


What size of image file are you trying to produce? Which version of Windows are you using? Which file system - FAT32 or NTFS? So many questions!

You may have trouble producing a file over 2 Gig under the FAT file system, I think that is the limit, but NTFS shouldn't have that problem.

Have you tried producing the files destined for CD from DOS, but to another hard disk, or partition, and then copying them to CD or DVD when you are back in Windows?

Have you tried the Hitachi web site for the software that should have come with your Deskstar? It might be available as a download, possibly FREE!


  trickydicky 22:25 20 Dec 2004

Sorry Peter I should have mentioned that I am running XP Pro with NTFS file system. The size of image file at present is 3.8Gb. What I would like to do is burn a complete image of my hard drive onto a DVD, and next time everything goes belly up I can wipe my hard drive and ghost my image straight onto my HDD, so that it saves all that hassle with drivers and program loading. It would be nice if it could be booted from the DVD. As it happens I have three HDD in my computer, the C:& D: drives are on SATA connectors.

Hope this helps

  Peter 22:39 20 Dec 2004


I believe that you should be able to produce an image file of that size (3.8Gig) to DVD, but if you hit problems try creating it to a different hard drive and or try the spanning option. You can always copy it to DVD. It's easier to restore from the hard disk, but you will need the DVD copy for extra security.

I think Ghost will allow you to produce a boot disk to let you restore your image from the DVD, but I'm not familiar with how that is done.
Perhaps another forum member can shed some light on this side of Ghost.

The Ghost Radified site click here has lots of information on how to use Ghost.


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