DVD frozen thumbnails

  Leshy 16:02 21 Jun 2005

Won DVD recorder +R +RW so recorded samples of short tracks from TV. Tested in a TV multiformat drive the disc could be viewed. No joy on PC so PC DVD drive was upgraded to LG GSA4163A multi/dual etc.drive and latest LG firmware downloaded.Using XP OS with Media player 9 three frozen thumbnails come into view. Pressing Play gets writing 'now playing' followed by 'finish'but no track plays. Windows ME OS with Power DVD freezes as soon as disc is inserted so no action at all.
Is there a simple solution to this lack of track action?

  User-312386 21:33 21 Jun 2005

OK lets start from the beginning shall we

1 What software are you using to burn?

2 What are your system specs?

3 What type of file are you trying to burn (.avi, vob etc etc)

4 Are you trying to convert the files to DVD format?

  Leshy 12:59 22 Jun 2005

Thank you for your offer of help. I am not trying to burn or to convert anything. I simply wish to find some way of playing the recorded +RW (unfinalised)disc in the DVD ROM drive. 1200mhz CPU, dual boot XP/ME, Radeon All-in Wonder TV out,512mb Ram, all systems set to DMA mode. Commercial discs play OK but the recorded +RW disc just freezes in PC multidrive though it plays OK in a TV multiformat combi. Everything checks out but the PC don't wanna play this disc. If Media Player and Power DVD don't work what will? I'm wary of Nero 6 because I have just read of some poor fellow struggling to resolve a dire conflict between his LG 416 drive and Nero 6 and neither LG nor Nero support seems able to provide constructive help.

  Leshy 18:08 26 Jun 2005

Having read more on the subject I guess that instead of looking for a player(downloading and uninstalling several examples of which can,and have,led to more troubles) the simplest route is to use a programme to change the files on the recorded disc to make the videos generally playable and then put the changed videos back onto a fresh disc.
As far as I know, which is very little, MPeg is the usual file type. Any suggestions, please, for best programmes and procedures?

  De Marcus 18:16 26 Jun 2005

If you can explore the disk recorded in the dvd recorder on your pc, navigate to where the vob files are located (usually in the video folder), copy these to your hard drive and then you can use nero to burn them to a dvd which is recognised by most players.

Just to be certain power dvd will play them you can check before burning. After you've copied the vob files to your hard drive open one with power dvd, it should play fine.

I generally find that it's best to use a dvd rw disk to record on the dvd-recorder, transfer the vob files to pc and edit out the horrible menu system offered by liteon and insert my own, burn to dvd and archive. I've then not wasted any disks as the dvd-rw is erased and ready to go again.

  Leshy 21:03 28 Jun 2005

Thank you De Marcus! I shall endeavour to follow the steps that you have laid out. Undoubtedly the software in use will demand upgrades and downloads so it may take some time.
Once I envisaged simply putting a recorded disc into a PC drive and getting instant play - some three weeks after my initial attempt I am not so sanguine.

  BRYNIT 21:45 28 Jun 2005

I think you will need to finalise the disk before trying to view iton your computer.

  Leshy 07:29 29 Jun 2005

I thought that that only DVD +/- R discs needed to be finalised not DVD +/- RW. If so please confirm.

  De Marcus 09:12 29 Jun 2005

Yes Leshy, DVD-RW should be finalised in the dvd recorder before trying to play on PC/Other consumer devices.

  Graham ® 09:32 29 Jun 2005

The finalization can be undone on RW media.

  Leshy 15:45 30 Jun 2005

My error. The disc played OK in a Phillips TV combi multiformat drive. I assumed, rashly it now appears, that if I installed a PC multiformat drive that it would play in that one too.
Oh well, on with the learning curve!

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