dvd formats

  Kingfisher 15:56 22 Aug 2003

I am waiting to buy a new Dell p.c. but they do not supply a dual format dvd rewriter should I go elsewhere? I do not want to end up with a vhs/betamax situation

  rickf 17:57 22 Aug 2003

This is exactly the situation at the moment with the big boys fighting it out. Perhaps you should know that MS has sided with +RW format amongst others like Philips etc. Your best bet is to buy a DVD ReWriter which will write to all formats. Don't know about DEll Machines as I build my own but I hear that they are difficult to upgrade. Others might help you further.

  The Sack 18:33 22 Aug 2003

Why would you want a dual format anyway? +R does look like it is taking the lead so if you bought a dual burner you would probably use +R. Even all the people with a -R only drive are not in a panic for the simple reason the media will be available for years and thats presuming it will fail which it probably wont. Both formats will probably be around for years.

  Weatherlawyer 18:34 22 Aug 2003

I heard from another computer help page, that there is also another type of reader coming out using a different wavelength.

+ or - writers go for about £130 at the moment but dual standards are only anothe £50 or £60.

Then again in computer fairs in a few months time you will be able to pick up the first style dead cheap, so what's to stop you having what you want now and getting the other one later?

Just make sure you have enough room in the box for it. (And ribbon.)

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