dvd format question

  Ivor_Monkey 18:14 23 Dec 2003

A friend who is out of contact for a while has kindly copied camcorder footage of a school concert onto dvd. The dvd plays on the pioneer dvd player in the hifi system but not on the dvd players on the omputer.

I think the format on the pioneeer player is -rw?). The computers do not recognise the dvd.

Is this am issue about the computers using a different format?

Is there any way that I can get the dvd to play on the copmputer? want to take a short clip from the footage and email as an attachment.

When playing on the dvd playr, the sound seems to only come via the TV not through the hifi system, unlike normal dvds. Any ideas?


sound is not picked up by the amp, but only the TV.#

)music is on the

  Lozzy 18:18 23 Dec 2003

DVD players on a PC can DVD+R or -R or RAM some can play all 3 formats but usually they only play one format. It appears your DVD is the wrong format

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