DVD format to play on Laptop

  dms05 13:54 08 Dec 2007

I never play DVD's on any computer so I don't know anything about the differences between the various types of DVD file formats.

I've just copied a non-copyright VHS to my DVD/HDD Recorders HDD and then onto a DVD. That won't play on my Acer laptop. I tried converting the DVD into a VCD and that will play but somewhere along the line I lost the Audio. I used Nero to convert from DVD to VCD format.

What format has my DVD/HDD Recorder used to transfer to DVD? What type of replay device should this play on? Are their any 'free' programs that would do a better job of converting and also act as a DVD Player on my laptop.

The VCD format is useful on my wife's laptop as it won't read DVD write once disks.

  dms05 17:15 08 Dec 2007


  eedcam 18:29 08 Dec 2007

Did you finalize the dvd before you took it out the recorder if not put it back in and do so thats one possibility.

  dms05 08:34 09 Dec 2007

Yes I finalised the DVD (it was a DVD+R) and the internal DVD rewriter on my DVD/HDD Recorder is a Lite-on.

  eedcam 09:37 09 Dec 2007

.When you put it in your laptop can you explore it it should show as an Audio_Ts and Video_TS folder which is standard DVD.
If it does then you need to check if your laptop plays +Rs in the manual.

  dms05 10:40 09 Dec 2007

It shows Video TS and Video RM folders but no Audio ones.

  Graham. 10:42 09 Dec 2007

Could be the laptop doesn't have DVD player software. Google found this, but I can't guarantee that it's safe click here

  Graham. 10:46 09 Dec 2007

Strike that. On reading the FAQ, it doesn't look safe.

  eedcam 11:10 09 Dec 2007

No worry about the audio folder there is never anything in it. RM is real media format and that I think is the problem. Do you have any options on your hard disc recorder as to what it burns to the dvd or are you stuck with what you got
Sorry cant help regards that type of disc
You couls download VLC layer free click here and try that if that dont work and no further help here then try this forum
click here


  dms05 11:33 09 Dec 2007

Many thanks I'll try that route!

Currently I'm trying to record from the DVD/Recorders HDD to a CD in the VCD format! However I can only record a VCD from SCART etc and not the HDD. So the VHS machines plugged in again and I'm giving that a go. If that works it will be good enough as the VHS isn't wonderful quality.

  eedcam 11:44 09 Dec 2007

Ok can you not record Super vcd thats abit better quality than vcd

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