DVD film freezing

  Scarlet Frog 13:17 25 Apr 2003

Windows 98SE.
DVD Player Mat*[email protected]:a SR 8585
DVD Software Matrox
Graphics card Matrox G400 (16Mb)
Virus checker and Screensaver both disabled
Having no TV, we view DVD films on the computer, and have experienced no problems until recently when we bought a boxed set of Rogers & Hammerstein films. 5 of them played perfectly but the sixth played for just over 1 hour then started "freezing".
At each freeze I scanned back for a few seconds then hit "play" & the film played OK past the freeze but again froze a couple of minutes later. This happened 40 + times in the remainder of film. Another film from same set played OK after this to check that the player was working properly.
HMV exchanged the disc for a new one without question, but this also gave exactly the same problems.
A friend tried the disk in his "standalone" DVD player attached to his TV, and it played perfectly. Tried it again in our computer and it repeated the freezing problem. Once again another film played perfectly.
My set-up can't be at fault if all other films play properly, but I can't take the disk back as faulty if it plays fine in friend's player.
HELP! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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