DVD Experimenting with Back up

  David4637 17:04 16 Feb 2005

Just trying things out on some old DVDs to make a backup. I backed upped on a DVD +RW (rewrite) blank disc and although I can play it on my laptop CD/DVD drive it says disc error on my stand alone Tosh DVD player (3 years old). Would DVD -RW blank disc be more likely to work?
If not would DVD +R (write once) be better than say DVD -R (write once) blank disc.

  toni b 19:16 16 Feb 2005

Dvd players can be very tempremental things,some disks will work on one machine but not on others,your dvd player may not support a particular dvd format,I think in general most dvd players except the minus format ,others will correct me if this is not true.What is you dvd model number,maybe you can go to the dvd website and find out what formats that paticular players supports.

  Completealias 19:33 16 Feb 2005

Player is more likely to accept a write once dvd than a rewriteable again thou its difficult to say whether -R or +R I'd prob try -R thou as toni b said support for - format is more common

  David4637 22:48 16 Feb 2005

Thanks for your replies. I have used so far TDK DVD +RW blank discs, so they are branded. Is it worth trying a TDK DVD -RW. The reason I am using RW is I am trying things out and it saves wasting write once discs. I will let you know the Tosh DVD model number etc tomorrow. Thanks David

  woodchip 23:58 16 Feb 2005

Is this stand alone DVD at TV DVD player if so then you must be trying to show pictures etc on the TV. and the Player is not Picture compatible

  David4637 15:25 25 Feb 2005

Herewith update and a further question.
I found that using DVD RW -R and DVD -R discs played back on the stand alone DVD Player (3 years old).DVD RW +R would not work.
How can I edit these old DVD files (*.VOB)? Windows movie maker will not import these VOBs?
Thanks David

  Completealias 15:41 25 Feb 2005

click here is a good resource for anything to do with dvds and vob files it has links to lots of programs for ripping these files to your hard drive shrinking them and editing.U might well find something there

  David4637 14:35 26 Feb 2005

Can't seem to understand this subject on the above link.

Could I please ask the same question again -

How can I edit DVD files (*.VOB)?

Would Pinnacle Studio 9 software be able to import VOBs, edit so they could recorded to a DVD disc to play on a standalone DVD player?
Thanks David

  Completealias 15:36 26 Feb 2005

Am not sure if pinnacle 9 supports vob files if you look in the download section on the above link there are a number of programs that are listed as having the ability to edit vob files. I personally have not used them so I can't vouch for there functions or abilitys. Might well b worth a try thou

  Completealias 17:00 26 Feb 2005

A person click here on this thread has pinnacle 8 and cannot edit VOB files there are some other suggestions on things to try there

  Chegs ® 17:28 26 Feb 2005

I got hold of "Super DVD Ripper" I use it to rip DVD's to my HDD,then burn them back to disc.My DVD burner supports +&- format,I bought 5 -RW and 5+RW DVD's,about 12mths ago,and so far none of the +RW discs have failed but 3 of the -RW discs have.My home DVD player supports any formats of CD & DVD disc,but recently has started objecting to the +RW discs,requiring a little fiddling(turn off/on a few times,cleaning the disc,simply ejecting and reloading,etc)to get it to go.

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