User-7B915308-8AD8-4BE0-8420DCEE7E605148 19:32 22 May 2003

Hi, Sorry to bother,But i tried to get into 'Help & Support' today and i got an error which read.....'Windows cannot find 'helpctr.exe'.....I feel i have inadvertenley erased this file :( . i tried to get to system restore but can get to it, Not even thru start ,all programs,System tools etc.. Any ideas?.........Secondly,( And i hope im allowed to post 2 problems in 1 go!) I thought i'd try the DVD out,And that had a problem,saying 'Playbach failed due to a problem with the Video subsystem' HELP!!! I'm on home XP

  spikeychris 19:45 22 May 2003

Re: help & support, the easiest way to fix this is to Go to Start/Run and type in: helpctr -regserver

If that fails post back >>> it sometimes doesn't.


  Ironman556 19:48 22 May 2003

DVD - Have you tried another disc? There's a possibility that it's the disc that's at fault. If another disc doesn't work, try uninstalling and re-installing your playback software.

(Assuming the file is poart of windows) Have a look on the XP cd for helpctr.exe and extract it if you can, then try placing it in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System and see if it can be located.

You could also run the system file checker --> start --> run --> type 'SFC' (without ') I don't know if it'll pick up on the missing files though.

A more drastic measure would be to re-install Windows, you should be able to do an install over the top of your current version, and it will refrese all the files.


thx for getting back Chris,It did'nt work unfortunately,Plan B??

And to your good self Ironman,I tried another dvd and the same error,I've not tried the other suggestions as yet,But thx anyway

  spikeychris 20:09 22 May 2003

would be to follow the advise from Ironman556, with just one little addendum >> type sfc /scannow.


sfc/scannow gives me the same message,shud i reinstall windows? and how do i do it,Sorry 4 the silly questions,Im a novice,and trying things out got me into this predicament i think.

  Ironman556 23:34 26 May 2003

Copy any important files to a floppy, Zip or CD. If you shut down all running programs and anti-virus, then put your XP Home cd in, you should get the option to re-install Windows over the top. There'll be an option which doesn't wipe your hard disk and keeps all your files, that's the one you want.

Thanks to all who responded to this problem of mine that had occured,To be honest,I put my restore disc back in and wiped everything off.Before i didnt have any windows updates coz of an administrator problem,A nd could'nt load CM3 in because of a file error(Both of which i posted with no luck),And could'nt play any DVD's! But now ,All is ok,Can access everything,Was a bit nervous at first,But seeing i didnt have any important files & stuff,I started again.1 problem i may encounter now is,Being i'm a Tottenham Fan,How the hell do i win the league with them on CM3!!!! I doubt even Jimmy Saville Can fix that one!! lol. :) THANKS TO ALL THAT HELPED.. ANDY

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