DVD Error message

  arrow 14:44 08 May 2003

On trying to watch the Shackleton video on the PC Advisor DVD I get the following error message.
"The hardware accelerated decoding function provided by your display card is unavailable for selection because you switched to an unsupported display mode.
Please exit Power DVD, select a display mode with lower resolution and a smaller palette, and start Power DVD again. If this message appears again, please update your display driver with the latest version."
I am not aware of switching anything, and don't know how to follow the instructions.
I emailed [email protected] on 5/5/03 but have received no acknowledgement or reply. Please help. Many thanks,
Paul Arrowsmith

  Rhuddlan 14:49 08 May 2003

What OS are you running, check that your hardware accelaration is set to full in display properies in the control panel, also in display propeties make sure that the refresh rate for your graphics card is set to 60, other than that, I suggest you update your graphics card drivers, what graphics card are you using, regards, Rhuddlan.

  arrow 15:22 08 May 2003

Many thanks for your reply. I have set hardware acceleration to full, and refresh rate to "optimal" because it said I might damage my monitor if I changed it. I am running Windows ME
and my Display is NFK9905 on NVIDIA GeForce3, in an Evesham Athlon AMD 1.4 GHz with 60 GB hard drive (nearly 2 years old). The DVD's worked fine until this week, but still doesn't work now, despite the above alteration. How do I get the latest driver, please?

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