DVD error message

  Vashti 16:52 22 Feb 2006

I have a new computer and find that if I try and save to DVD/RW it gives me the error message " cannot save file to this folder, file error No.16389 Does anyone know what the problem is please.

  Gongoozler 17:16 22 Feb 2006

How are you trying to save the files?

You could also look in Event Viewer under Application and System (Control Panel - Administrative Tools) to see if there is a corresponding error listed there.

  martjc 17:21 22 Feb 2006

...a general error message, not related to DVD writing, which occurs when temporary files cannot be written.

Could you possibly be trying to write to DVD R disks [can only be written to once] instead of DVD rw? Also, the type of disks used is critical in some drives [some will work, some won't] you just have to experiment with different types!

Are you trying to copy other than DATA with Win XP disk writing service? This is not very reliable in some cases.

There is another issue: will your drive write to DVD +R, DVD -R, or both?

  Vashti 18:47 22 Feb 2006

I am using Philips DVD/RW and when I click on 'save as' and try and save to DVD I get the error mesage. There is no help in administrative tools.

  User-312386 19:01 22 Feb 2006

you cant just save to a dvd

You have to use a dedicated programme such as Nero

  Vashti 19:13 22 Feb 2006

Many thanks, I will try it out.

  Vashti 23:35 22 Feb 2006

Many, many, many thanks. I used Sonic to write to my DVD and ity worked perfectly. Now I can write to my DVD with no problems. Clever you.


  User-312386 07:19 23 Feb 2006

Its a Pleasure

Could you tick this as resolved now please

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