DVD Editor

  Bun 12:59 04 Dec 2008

I have saved a tv prog onto a dvd and would like to tidy it up a bit. Are there any editors around I could use, preferably freeware as I will not be doing that many? Thanks

  Pamy 13:11 04 Dec 2008

what did you use to record to a disk?
If it was a DVD recorder with hard drive, it may well have editing feature built in

  eedcam 13:54 04 Dec 2008

Virtual dub mpeg2 should do you
click here

If you could do them all in 2 weeks then the trial version of videoredo is even better and easier to use its fully working
click here

  woodchip 14:04 04 Dec 2008

As above you need to use the hardware recorder to do the editing as PC will not work with the File. Don't think so anyway.

  Bun 16:36 04 Dec 2008

Pamy a friend saved it for me so I will ask him as it was his dvd recorder.

  Bun 16:37 04 Dec 2008

woodchip do you mean for both progs eedcam is suggesting needs to use the hardware recorder ie the dvd it was recorded on?

  lofty29 17:17 04 Dec 2008

Even if it done on a dvd recorder you should still be able to do a convert and edit, a bit time consuming I know.

  john bunyan 17:39 04 Dec 2008

Bun. I have a Panasonic and a Pioneer DVD recorders and usually save TV to hard drive. If the TV show was burnt to a disc and finalised, the only way I know is to copy to the original Hard drive and edit it there - cut out adverts etc. Then burn another disc. Maybe you can save it to your PC hard drive, then it depends what format it is recorded in. If video then eedcam suggestion pobably OK. I use Roxio Creator 2009, but it is not free.

  eedcam 19:04 04 Dec 2008

Bun both the programmes will work direct from the dvd you just need to put the dvd in the pc and they will work from ityou can of course rip it to the hard drive first but you dont have to.Video redo is by far the beter and easier to use

  lofty29 19:20 04 Dec 2008

JUst a though, since it has probably been recorded to a dvdwr or dvdram, might be just as well to rip to the hard drive and work on that rather than risk losing it

  Bun 10:44 05 Dec 2008

Thanks guys I will copy to the hard drive and give your suggestions a go. If I don't have to come back, most unlikely, a Merry Xmas to you all.

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