DVD drives, what type? Advise please.

  octal 09:20 11 Mar 2005


Our lady at work here is asking about DVD drives and what type is best for her. As I don't use DVD's myself, I've realised what a complete dummy in this area I am.

So please advise her and fill in some gaps in my knowledge.


  FelixTCat 10:13 11 Mar 2005

Where does one start?

Is she talking about her computer or her tv?

Does she want to read and play dvds only or does she want to write them as well?

Does she have a dvd recorder on her tv and want to edit the saved programs on her pc?

Is there anything else that it must be compatible with?

  octal 11:13 11 Mar 2005

Thanks for replying.

Its for her computer, she's running Win 2000 on a fairly good spec machine. She wants to read and write on the computer.

She has a DVD player for her TV. It might be an idea if she is able to edit recorded programs on the computer, thinking of the future if she gets herself a DVD player/recorder for the TV.

I think that's about all for now, unless you can think of anything else I've forgotten.

  melic 11:27 11 Mar 2005

buy one that can do RAM recording

  FelixTCat 12:22 11 Mar 2005

melic is correct.

That's pretty much what I do. There is no price premium for a pc dvd writer that will also read and write DVD-RAM. See: click here

(Actually, I can't believe this price - I bought one quite recently and it cost ~£50)

This will read and write every format (including double layer) and at up to 16 speed.

LG drives have had pretty good write-ups in computer mag reviews, too.

PS At that price you could get one for yourself, too and join the gangs of happy dvders :o)

  Confab 12:42 11 Mar 2005

That drive looks really good and I'm thinking of buying one. Do you knew what the minimum system spec is?


  octal 12:49 11 Mar 2005

Thanks for that link, that's cheap! Rita passes on her thanks as well, yes, I might get one myself as well, I've just got to check to make sure Linux will recognise it, I think it should though.


  FelixTCat 13:42 11 Mar 2005

You're welcome. Give our regards to Rita.

I don't know about linux, but I would be amazed if linux didn't support DVD-RAM. WinXP supports it natively and there are even drivers for Win 98 (although you may have to search for them).

  Technotiger 14:09 11 Mar 2005

Hi, I have the GSA-4163B by LG - minimum spec =

CPU - PIII, 700Mhz or Higher IBM PC or compatible
RAM - 512MB or larger
Dard Disk - 10GB or more available space
DirectX 9.0 or Higher
Videocard Memory 128MB or Higher.

In all cases of course, higher is better.


  Technotiger 14:11 11 Mar 2005

Doh !! Hard Disk :-))

  SEASHANTY 14:16 11 Mar 2005

The LG GSA 4163 also available at Microdirect
click here

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