DVD drives issue

  User-402BA281-1CFE-4FE3-9D45502C58B38958 20:12 20 Sep 2005

Hi guys i have an issue with 2 dvd +&- dvd writers both using XP 1 home the other Pro if i put a blank dvd in them they state they are dvd's but say there is not space and on the left screen in windows it states cd drive, when i put a dvd in the drive it states dvd and runs fine and without any dics in the drives both say the dvd types any ideas

cheers in advance


  malgall 20:46 20 Sep 2005

i have found that windows call my dvd drives
cd drives when you put cd in them
you say they say dvd full so are your dvd writers working

1 dvd writer was only installed today they will play dvd's but not write to a dvd

  malgall 20:56 20 Sep 2005

look under device manager it will list all the parts to you computer one menu is cd/dvd drives
are they listed correct this will include model details if correct windows has detected them correctly

These all look fine i have also uninstalled and reinstalled the drives i have not physically removed the cables though

  malgall 21:12 20 Sep 2005

the next step must be software
which software are you using to write dvds
this could be your problem
also you are using the correct dvdrw or ram for your dvd writers

Since it has stated the cd drive i havent used the software and have only just installed nero6 on the new one

When i even try to copy files to a blank cd it states its a cd drive only on the new one and the same for the older one i have just noticed it is only installing them as standard cd rom drives and nothing else

  Dipso 21:26 20 Sep 2005

Was having similar problems myself click here

I have managed to write a DVD since (I found it was the method I was using that was the problem rather than the drive) but I didn't have your problem of the discs showing as full. However, the drives still show as CD drives in the left Windows pane as you say yours do. I can't say that I noticed this before.

Both Device Manager and System Info still show my drives as CD drives?

  malgall 21:33 20 Sep 2005

its back to the drivers

so does the device manager call them dvd drives

on my computer my dvd writer is listed as
hl dt st dvdram gsa 4163b
you see the drive is discibe exactly
my dvd writer is a lg gsa 4163b

you should drivers on a cd or try web site of the maker of the drives

i cant copy to cd's either on the new drive the older one will through windows but no dvds at all

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