DVD Drive woe - I/O Device not Recognised

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 17:33 09 Jun 2008

Hi all,

My DVD drive is acting strangely, and I wondered if any of you fine folk would have suggestions with regards to a possible soloution

The drive will only read a CD/DVD if it is in the drive when the PC boots up - it's not the drive itself as I've tried a different one, and the leads are all connected, I've tried uninstalling in Device Manager and also following the Microsoft advice (click here) but with no joy - any ideas of other things I could try?

The error that I get when trying to access the drive once the PC has loaded up (and if it's not the original disc that was in) is that the drive is unaccessible, and that it's a device I/O error.

Working on on XP (32-bit - patched to latest version), if it matters the motherboard is a Asus P5B Deluxe and the DVD is just a standard run of the mill Philips (although I don't think that this is the problem, as mentioned, the problem occurs on drives that work in other machines!)

Cheers for any potential suggestions

  Inept Pig 11:20 14 Jun 2008

Does the fact that I have an 32-bit OS with 64-bit hardware have any bearing on this?

Any possible work-arounds that I might have missed that will save me having to re-format and start from scratch?

  zdbrink 11:57 14 Jun 2008

i have had a similar experience with a generic dvd writer i installed a few months back (actually, i think it is a matsushita dvd writer... anyway) - a firmware update fixed the problem. check your device manager and update the firmware of your dvd drive.

  Inept Pig 12:10 14 Jun 2008

Thanks for the suggestion - that was amongst the things I had tried, no updates were forthcoming and due to the way the drive stopped working I wouldn't have normally assumed that it was that anyway.

Computers, eh?

Anyway, all is working now - I've removed a few of the programs that I had going at start up, and it seems that everything is back to normal and working fine - not sure what exactly it was, but will figure that out at some other point, just happy that for now I don't have to reformat my computer just in-order to play some CDs...


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