DVD drive will neither read nor write

  Armchair 10:14 22 Apr 2012

Samsung Writemaster SH-222 (Seven months old). Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

The tray opens and closes, but that's all. If I put any kind of disc in it nothing happens. I go to Computer and open the drive, and I get a message saying, "Insert disc/Insert a disc/Please insert a disc into drive D", as the disc ejects. Device Properties reports the it as working properly, but it seems to be dead. It first did this a couple of days ago while it was on burning some files to a blank DVD-R, and hasn't worked since.

I've tried uninstalling the driver forit, rebooting, then reinstalling. No go.

I've tried various fixes that have come up on Google, but no go.

I've tried restore points. No good.

No loose connections. No sign of physical damage.

Can I safely assume that the writer is kaput, and I need a new one?

The DVD ROM drive was the only component to fail in my previous PC,, but tit lasted for five years before failing. I've also had a standalone DVD player conk out before, and that hadn't seen much use.

  Taff™ 10:20 22 Apr 2012

Which fixes have you tried? Resetting upper and lower filters perhaps?

Whilst this is under warranty I would suggest that you consider returning it under that.

  Armchair 10:23 22 Apr 2012

Yes, I've tried the upper filters (no lower filters to be found). No difference.

I bought it from Scan, and I probably should return it. Not sure if I can be bothered with the hassle, though. I can get a new one delivered for £12.

  Taff™ 10:31 22 Apr 2012

I would ask them to send you one or offer to send them yours for testing. I agree it's not worth the hassle or inconvenience for £12!

  Armchair 10:41 22 Apr 2012

Oops..... A check of the invoices shows it was actually bought from ebuyer. I put a new PC together last September, and bought the components from Scan and ebuyer. Just looking at their returns policy. Bubble wrap, a box, cost of postage, 0870 number for any queries. Hmmmm.

  Armchair 10:46 22 Apr 2012

0871 number, even.

I think I'm flogging a dead horse here. The writer has had it's chips, lol. I'll just order one, and be done with it.

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