Dvd drive shows in POST/Bios but not in XP

  tomhealy 15:33 17 Jun 2003

I believe that my DVD drive may be kaputt but would like confirmation before buying a new one.

When the pc is started up it recognises the dvd in the post screen alond with the two hd's and cd-rw but when Xp loads up it is nowhere to be seen.

If i load a DVD movie in while powering up it sometimes recognises it is there but then crashes when playing the film, while a dvd data disk such as a coverdisk makes does not show up at all!

Any ideas?

  tomhealy 22:59 17 Jun 2003

have checked the power and ide cables, all present and correct

  davidg_richmond 01:06 18 Jun 2003

did you remove then reinsert the cables? this works a lot of the time. has this problem co-incided with the installation of any new hardware or software?

  tomhealy 10:59 18 Jun 2003

Have removed and reinserted the ide cables but no difference.

only new hardware fitted is a new ati 9500pro graphics card

  davidg_richmond 12:08 18 Jun 2003

I am lead to think that plug n play is not operating properly with your DVD drive, either because of a hardware fault or a Windows IRQ/power problem.

If you go into Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware/Devices/ (or something similar, I don't have XP I'm afraid!) have a look under CD-ROM in the list. You will either not see the drive there, or you could see an IDE device with an exclamation mark showing a problem device. If the latter is the case, this problem should be fixable, if you cannot see it there at all, I would consider replacing the drive.

  tomhealy 00:54 19 Jun 2003

no sign of it in the device manager bit.

I do have Alcohol 120% (cd copying software) installed which allows me to mount an image file as another cd/dvd drive but if i remember correctly i think i had the problem before this was installed

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