DVD drive - reads DVD's easy, CD not so

  michelleuk 03:26 22 Jan 2003
  michelleuk 03:26 22 Jan 2003


As som of you know I am looking at buying a new DVD driver, but before I do I want to make sure I haven't missed something. I posted a few months back that when I placed a CD in my DVD drive it would take a number of tries before it will read, there was a lot of clicking as it tried to read. I follwed the advice and bought a cleaning disc. This didn't sort the problem out.

I now have a CDRW which means I can play CD's no problem, but as I want to copy CD's I need the DVD drive. What I cannot understand is when I place a DVD film in the drive it reads it immediatly, but if I then put a CD in after watching my film, it will start clicking and take ages before it will read the CD.

Any ideas? I think its going to be easier to buy a new drive, but it doesn't make sense that with a DVD it reads immediatly a CD it takes multiple times, and even that isn't always the case.

Take Care
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  Jungle 05:28 22 Jan 2003

Your up early / late....( Im in HK so its lunch time for me )

Ok first the DVD player...Have you tried opening somthing like windows media player first then inserting the CD as putting a CD into the DVD player after watching a film is obviously confusing the system. I can understand your frustration as Windows should sort this out with ease, but maybe it needs a little helping hand. ?

With regards to making back up CD's ( Ofcourse thats what you are doing when copying them ! ) you dont actually need to use your DVD drive. ( It is the easyiest way..yes... but not the only way )

You stated early on a previous thread that u use a Lite-on CD burner, so I presume you have Nero.

I know in Easy CD Writer you can still burn a copy of a whole CD or just certain tracks by just using the CDRW drive. Basically you put in the orginal then choose the tracks u want or all of them of course....then press " Record / Burn " then the Drive reads the information then opens the tray to the burner asking you to input a blank CDR. You input the blank and hey presto...I know this works as I helped a friend yesterday copy a CD using Easy CD creator. ( Burning a backup copy ofcourse ) So I cant see any reason why this will not work using Nero. You probably just need to change your source drive in the Nero setup to the same drive as the Burner..ie D or E or whatever your Lite-on drive is listed as under " My Computer ".


  michelleuk 19:42 22 Jan 2003


Yes, I can put a copy on the hard drive and then use the CDRW to put the CDR in and make copies. That isn't the easist way but I can do it.

The problem with the DVD drive, is that I have no problems with it reading DVD's as in films (fils are the only DVD's I have), but if i put a CD in it it takes ages to start to read it, with a lot of whirring and clicking.

What I cannot understand is why it can read DVD's with no problem but it is having difficulty with CD's. I have had this problem for a few months and even if I try to start it from windows player, it still makes no difference. If I stop the automatic run and clcik on D drive it will whiire and click and take ages with a number of re inserting the disk before it will read the CD.

It is frustrating that there are no problems with it reading DVD's, but a number of problems with CD's and even that can depend on the CD some read quickly and others don't. And even that isn't consistant, I could be playing a CD one day that the player read immediatly with no problems, and the next day I go to play it, and it takes a number of times of clicking on it to work, and or a number of re inserting the disk.

What is the difference?

Thank you for your advice
Take Care

  Jungle 07:57 23 Jan 2003

Life is strange isnt it........I dont know why you can play the same CD , OK one day, but the next have problems.

Have you done a search on Google for your make of DVD player..Someone else may have similar woes ?

Or try click here its a great little website that I found a long while back that discusses everything from VCD's ( obviously ) to DVD Burning to DVD players and their compatibility. You might find some help there ?

On another thought....

Ok so we have establised that your DVD plays DVD's fine...so why not just use your CD burner when u want to listen to CD music ?..Would save u the GBP30-40 ?

Or if its just too annoying go and buy a new DVD player ..go on treat yourself.!!.. At least that way I suppose you can make copies a lot faster.

Snags like these with PC's can be so annoying, especially when they are small ( yet large to the indiviudal involved ) & intermittent like yours.

Hope things work out in the end


  michelleuk 22:50 24 Jan 2003


Thanks for the web link I will try that. What bothers me is why it will play DVD's with little or no problem, but takes ages to read CD's.

As for the treat myself, my hubby will be taking my card away, I have just bought a new monitor, need a new printer and now a DVD, plus I have all my insurance and membership fees to pay as well next month.....what a wonderful start to the new year!

I've put up with the DVD doing this for about 6mths, I guess a few more won't kill me! But out of interest can it be damaging my whole computer?

Take Care

  DieSse 00:27 25 Jan 2003

CDs and DVDs are very different disks - and the lasers to read them are different too. Different drives use different approaches to changing the laser - some have two lasers, some use an optical "splitter" or similar sharing approach.

Whatever they use, it is quite possible that one type can be reading well whilst the other isn't. So the answer is probably a new drive.

  Timeforabeer 02:12 25 Jan 2003


I had the same problem with my pioneer 104s. It showed exactly the same symptoms as you described. I ended up junking it as after a while it started to struggle to read dvd,s.

  Venus 07:46 25 Jan 2003

Hi, Michelleuk, I'm a bit puzzled. I have a machine with a CD RW and nothing else (except a floppy disk drive, HD etc.) I can copy CD's by having them read in the CD RW drive and then copied to there. I don't have to make a copy on my hard drive first. You should be able to do the same

  michelleuk 10:53 25 Jan 2003


can you explain how you do that.

And thanks to everyone else, I am now doing a search and research for dvd drives, when will I stop spending money?!!!!

Thank you

take Care


  MichelleC 11:18 25 Jan 2003

My dvd drive can't read cd's. But it can read dvd's and I can write to it using my cd rw. maybe some dvd drives can't read cds.

BTW I like your name.

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