dvd drive problems and dino pc

  [DELETED] 15:12 10 Nov 2007

can anyone help ive just bought a new comp from dino pc and it cant recognize the dvd drive there isn't the dvd cd section in drivers i think it thinks it doesn't have one, ive e mailed dino pc but have also found some slightly disturbing forum chats about them which are making me a bit nervouse on there customer care etc about them being dodgy. it seems to have everything in it that i ordered according to the windows bit that tells you about your gubbins so i cant really see how they could be coning customers as it was really cheap for the bits in it.
does anyone know owt about them and does anyone know why it thinks i have no optical drives ( though i thought it must have worked for them to install the xp and vga drivers { howeaver i am short a dvdr driver cd in the cds they sent with it all the rest is there so can the lack of these drivers make a diffefence to it being registered i didnt think it would only that it wouldnt write without them)

ive got an intel x2 6750, 2 gb 667 kingston ram
400 sata hd, 8600gt nvida graphics and a 18 speed normal connection dvdrw drive ( not sata)
i thought all this would work fine together i thought

  [DELETED] 15:26 10 Nov 2007

Lets clarify this if we can. Does the optical drive work at all?

If you go into MY COMPUTER does it appear there?

The most likely problem is one of the leads has fallen out when getting moved.

  [DELETED] 15:28 10 Nov 2007

And there shouldn't be a driver disk for the DVD or CD as it doesn't need one. Its built into windows.
If the drive doesn't show I think the lead has come out and you will have to inside your PC and plug it back in.

  [DELETED] 17:06 10 Nov 2007

cheers peeps i had looked through the mesh and all looked plugged in but was out by less than a mm which stopped the thing working all good now

i will also say that dino pc seems to be ok was a bit worried cos of stuff ive read but came within a week and cost bugger all other than my own slightly retarded mistake

  [DELETED] 19:14 10 Nov 2007

Glad I could help as I'm sure you realise now it doesn't take much to loosen a cable and its fairly common when a PC gets moved for this to happen.
Regarding what you have on your PC and your concern about the parts download either Belarc or SIW both will give you loads of info on your PC. Probably more than you want to know to be honest.
Belarc click here SIW click here

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