DVD drive problem...

  Nathman 04:01 08 Sep 2007

I currently have a Lite-On dvd+rw drive in my computer. Today I put a blank dvd into the drive, and nothing happened, I then tried a film and the same happened again, I repeated this process a few times with the same result. My computer has since decided that the dvd drive is now just a cd drive (I know this because in My Computer it has now been renamed as a cd drive and shows as a cd drive in properties), I am completely baffled by this and am finding it very frustrating so any help/information on why this might of happened and what I can do to fix it would be great.


  ambra4 04:13 08 Sep 2007

Go here and download

click here

  Nathman 04:20 08 Sep 2007

Thanks for trying but that didn't work for me, I aslo forgot to point out that when I put a blank dvd in it gives me the message 'D:\ is not accessible. Incorrect Function.'

  ambra4 05:18 08 Sep 2007

Try upgrading the firmware

  User-312386 05:25 08 Sep 2007

Right click Start>My Computer>Right Click>preferences>Hardware>device manager

Now click the minus on the left hand side under dvd/cd-rom drives, right click on the drive thats the problem and select uninstall.

Now restart the computer.

  User-312386 05:27 08 Sep 2007

Right click Start>My Computer>Right Click>properties>Hardware>device manager

  Nathman 14:48 08 Sep 2007

Again thanks for trying, but still not luck, it just re-installs as a cd-rom drive.

  Nathman 19:24 08 Sep 2007


  [email protected] 19:33 08 Sep 2007

mentioned firmware
find out the lite on model number then download the firmware from
click here

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