Dvd drive only plays cds

  No idea 00:00 14 Apr 2004

Hi, Hitachi dvd rom gd2500.has recently started to only play cds, will not play dvds.drive is recognised in Bios, and device manager states no conflicts.running pentium 3 with 512 mb of sdram.Have Cyberlink power dvd installed and player worked fine until recently any ideas?
All updates for xp/me installed, computer works fine.Have a duel op/system xpand me on a 60g h/d and a further 20g dive for personal data music etc. Any help welcome vin

  hugh-265156 00:24 14 Apr 2004

what exactly happens when you place a dvd in the drive?

does it just fail to read the disc?

try holding down shift and close the drawer,keep shift held down for 10-15 secs and see if it spins up then open powerdvd and try to play it.

my dvd drive is very choosy and sometimes i have to do this with rental discs or well played dvds,may help.

also try uninstalling the drive via device manager and restart the computer,windows will find it again and automatically reinstall it.sometimes this helps if the drivers have got messed up in some way.

  No idea 00:37 14 Apr 2004

Tried holding down shift, no change in problem.When dvd is inserted into drive you can a a clicking noise like its trying to read it,also a small disc appears onscreen whilst it is doing this , also power dvd says that there is no disc in the drive?.
will try your other option tomorrow as I cannot switch computer off because i am downloading some p2p data.

  hugh-265156 00:42 14 Apr 2004

a restart in some cases may even help.

p2p can also give headaches if youre not careful as im sure you are aware.

any other problems with the computer or is it just the dvd drive?

  hugh-265156 00:43 14 Apr 2004

above should to read "a restart in some cases with the dvd in the drive,may even help"

  No idea 00:58 14 Apr 2004

tried restart. uninstalled through device manager. rebooted ,found new hardware came up. Also accessed( add new hardware )which assures me that the device is working probably which it isnt.\\\problem exists in both op systems.windows explorer says, no disc in drive

  GaT7 00:58 14 Apr 2004

Similar problem here - click here - fixed by updating & doing a cleanup with Adaware! With other suggestions to try as well - worth a look.

  No idea 01:06 14 Apr 2004

Thanks for that crossbow,I already have lavasoft adaware installed and upto date, however i will look at the postings on your thread tomorrow as i have to get up for work in a few hours, wifes just been down wondering what the heck i am doing will leave system on and reply tonight after i come home , thank u all for your help will be back in touch soon Vin in preston England

  hugh-265156 01:06 14 Apr 2004

how old is the dvd drive?

may just be time to send it to the big dvd bin in the sky and replace.

  No idea 18:52 14 Apr 2004

Hello huggy71, to be honest I dont know,it was a used item when I purchased it and have been using it for about two years.Have tried everything suggested so far, with no alteration to the problem at all.
-------- tried the suggestions which your link took me to. Have downloaded search aand destroy,ran it then adaware,problem still persists?

  Totally-braindead 21:23 14 Apr 2004

I was told by an engineer when my mates DVD failed that there are 2 lasers one for reading dvd and one that reads cds and it is possible for one of them to fail and the other to still work and vice versa. As far as I know this is true (unless someone out there knows better). Before buying a new one take out the drive and try it in a mates, if it still won't read dvds then its passed on, its an ex dvd player and has ceased to be. RIP. On the plus side they aren't very dear now, ypu can pick on up for about £25.

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