DVD Drive not recognised in XP

  SimpleStevie 14:45 13 Sep 2003

Weird problem here. Did a clean install of Win XP Home, installed from my DVD Rom drive. When I try and load windows it crashes during the loading process, however, I can load into safe mode with the DVD drive recognised and working. Also, when i disconnect the power from the DVD drive I can load windows into normal mode fine, so this tells me it must be something to do with the DVD drive. Anyone have any ideas?

  Jester2K II 14:46 13 Sep 2003

Any error messages?

  SimpleStevie 20:01 13 Sep 2003

No error message is given, it just stops on the loading screen where you get the XP home logo and the green bars moving along. Im really stumped on this one, have no idea what to try next.

  Jester2K II 20:03 13 Sep 2003

1) Can you get into Safe Mode?

2) Do the Green Bars stop moving for a long period (ie 1 minute or more?)

  Jester2K II 20:03 13 Sep 2003

Sorry about that - stupid moment....

Can you (dare you) try the DVD drive in a mates PC?

Have you changed the cables / jumpers?

  SimpleStevie 22:13 13 Sep 2003

The DVD drive was in another computer in the house, I bought a DVD writer for that one so it wasnt needed any more. It was set as slave on the old one and I changed the jumpers to master as it was the only drive on this PC.

  madPentium 22:32 13 Sep 2003

If you have set it to master, I assume it is on the secondary IDE channel?
Take a look in the bios and see if it is correct.
If you leave the xp logo screen, is the hard drive light flashing? Also have you tried leaving it for a while to see if it updates itself? Make sure no cds are in the drive.

  Jester2K II 23:01 13 Sep 2003

If its Master is it on the end connector of the IDE cable?

  Stuartli 08:53 14 Sep 2003

I've had this problem (with both the DVD-ROM and CD-RW drives in my case) only being recognised in Device Manager whilst in safe mode, yet not working as they should.

It turned out that whilst moving the case's cabling to improve air flow I had inadvertently slightly dislodged the secondary IDE cable from its connection to the motherboard - it was hidden by the various cables.

Once fully reinserted everything was back to normal.

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