DVD Drive not recognised

  newton 09:41 20 Jan 2003
  newton 09:41 20 Jan 2003

I have tried to replace a CD Drive with a DVD Drive but the Drive is not recognised. I have connected the DVD in place of the CD carefully checking that all cables are properly in. On bootup the busy light comes on but nothing else happens. The CD was secondary master with a CD-RW as slave and this set-up works well.The DVD Drive has been tested on another machine and is perfect. I have tried removing the CD listing in Devise Manager before installing the DVD hoping it would find the new drive on bootup but no good. Put the CD back in again and everything is back to normal.I run WIN ME and have an AMD 800 processor.

  MalcSP 09:57 20 Jan 2003

What I did was to disconnect the CDRW from the system and checked the DVD. It worked. I then swapped the DVD to be master, and the CDRW as slave. The DVD worked, the CDRW didn't. My set-up now has the DVD as slave to the C Drive and the CDRW as master. All work perfectly p- though I do not have a sound cable connected to the CDRW. In a nutshell it is the CDRW that is the problem, not the DVD I suspect.
It occurbles to me that you may have 'ghost' drives in your system. Check this by opening up in safe mode then checking in device manager. You may find several floppy drives and more CD drives than is possible. I remember once finding seven CD drives on one misbehaving computer! Simply remove them all and refresh.

  MalcSP 10:15 20 Jan 2003

This word is new to the english language and is an intransitive verb meaning 'happening in a confused mind.'

  Kyomii 10:26 20 Jan 2003

Did you change the jumper on the back of the DVD drive?

  newton 11:57 20 Jan 2003

Thank you MalcSP, I'll try what you say and let you know what happens.

  newton 11:59 20 Jan 2003

Yes Kyomii, I set the jumper to Master exactly as the CD was set. THank you for your reply

  Stuartli 13:42 20 Jan 2003

The rewriter should be set to Master, the CD/DVD-ROM drive to Slave; DMA should be enabled for both and (if you are using Nero) the CD/DVD-ROM drive Auto Insert Notification should be unchecked as this is controlled by Nero.

The fact that you swapped a CD-ROM drive for a DVD-ROM drive should not have brought any problems as the Windows driver can be used by either drive.

  newton 18:30 20 Jan 2003

I did what MalcSP suggested and removed loads of devices when in safe mode. Afterwards when booting up everything worked! I then 'shut down' and pressed the computer 'on' button to see if all was well. Unfortunately the DVD busy light stayed on again. I then switched the mains socket off and then back on again immediately and the computer then carried on to boot up properly and everything worked. Also, if I close down and try 'restart' the computer boots up ok and everything works. It seems now it only happens if I use 'shut down' and then without shutting off the mains try the computer 'on' button to boot up again.

  newton 18:32 20 Jan 2003

Thanks for your help Stuartli I have made the writer the master and the DVD the slave

  newton 21:42 22 Jan 2003

Nobody able to help with the latest problem? If not then I'll have to live with it for now. Anyway, very many thanks for the help that I've had which is very much appreciated.

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