DVD Drive not reading disc

  Fleetblue 12:37 05 Nov 2010

I have a fairly old emachine 5260 running Windows XP. On the tower above the disc drive it states that it recognises CD RW, DVD+RW and DVD R/RW. I loaded a Verbatim DVD+RW but it does not recognise it. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and rebooting, deleting the Upper Filters and Lower Filters from the relevant registry key but still the same. Also when I open the drive on my computer it shows as DVD-RW Drive (E) CD Drive.Any help greatly appreciated.

  Nontek 13:34 05 Nov 2010

As it is fairly old, perhaps all it needs is the laser cleaned. Try cleaning it with a DVD Disc Cleaner - not a CD Disc cleaner, laser is in different position on the Drive.

  lotvic 14:15 05 Nov 2010

"it shows as DVD-RW Drive (E) CD Drive" That's normal for empty drive to be listed like that in Windows Explorer righthand pane. (At least that's how mine is listed anyway and doesn't make any diff to way I use the drive)

Are these completely blank new DVD+RW DVD's?
Does your burning program recognise the DVD+RW blank DVD?

**What burning program are you using?** if any?

or is the problem that there is data already written to the DVD+RW and drive is not recognising that there is a DVD loaded?

  Fleetblue 14:23 05 Nov 2010

Sorry lotvic should have mentioned there is data on the disc which I am trying to download. Strange thing is when I get the disc image up it shows the disc as being full yet doesn't show what files are on it.

Nontek. Thanks for your suggestion as well.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:45 05 Nov 2010

DVD+RW are notorious for quickly losing their "reflectability"

Try a normal DVD and see if explorer will read the contents

  Fleetblue 15:07 05 Nov 2010

Fruit Bat: Tried another DVD same result. Noticed something though. When I opened "My Computer" the drive was shown as "CD Drive". As I say same result. Properties showed a full disc but no contents. When I removed the disc and closed the drive it now shows as "DVD-RW Drive". Don't know if that has any bearing on the problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:25 05 Nov 2010

HAve you rebooted since doing the rgistry thing with upper and lower filters?

  BRYNIT 15:50 05 Nov 2010

The DVD+RW disk will show as full if windows cannot read from the disk.

Did you write to this disk on another computer?
Did you leave the disk open to use again or use it as a drag and drop disk?

If you have answerd yes to any of the above questions its possile the program on your XP computer is not compatable with the disk format of the RW disk and can not read it.

  Fleetblue 16:02 05 Nov 2010

BRYNIT: Answer to question 1 is yes and that is probably where the problem lies. Thanks for all your help guys. Off to put my thinking cap on.
Thanks again.

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