DVD Drive in My Computer shows CDFS & Not FAT in

  Giggle n' Bits 11:18 26 Feb 2003


My problem has being going for a few days since I built a new PC from scratch.

At random times when booting/starting computer into Win98Se I have has slug slow performance when playing a CDROM in DVD Drive(LG), the eject button doesn't eject CDs and Windows can freeze in desktop.

The CPU is AMD XP2200 (1.8GHz) Not overheating & set correclty, PC2100 Micron/crucial 256MB DDR, IBM 80GB Deskstar 120GXP, Creative Blaster4 64MB Titanium 4200 AGP card in A7V333 VIA KT333 chipset board

Ok so at random when right clicking on the DVD drive it is sometimes showing as CDFS & not as the expected FAT. (No partionions on HDD).

Please understand this changing of the CDROM file system is random/intermitant.

What should/can I do to correct this fault.
Also if this has been happening, would my hardware drivers be poorly installed ?.

  ellas 19:20 26 Feb 2003

why are you expecting the dvd to show up as fat,cdfs is the normal for reading cds when a cd is in the drive,my dvd with no disc in shows file system as unknown,you could try uninstalling from device manager and letting windows find it at restart and reinstalling the drivers,also see if there are any more recent via drivers available.

  ellas 19:24 26 Feb 2003

heres a bit about CDFS click here

  TOMMO01 20:23 26 Feb 2003

I would suspect the problem is that the Motherboard drivers, in this case VIA, have not been installed properly. These should be installed prior to any other hardware on the system. Check that they are the latest ones for you Motherboard and are for 98SE.

The DVD drive being identified and CDFS is how it should be.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:00 27 Feb 2003

Built in CMI Audio chip. The Asus A7V333 board has a conflict with the Audio chip & Motherboard resources giving the Nvidia GF4 AGP card also a hard time and playing up with the system and Drives. Simple fix after about a week of detective work revealed this.

It seems this is a common fault with this M/baord based on returns to a local supplier in UK.

I stress this Asus A7V333 Via KT333 is still a excellent M/board just and works perfect with the Onboard audio Jumper "Disabled" !.

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