DVD drive mayhem

  Neillur 19:29 31 May 2006

Hi there,
having problems with the DVD drives not working to play dvds on my computer apparently it is something to do with the settings for the players or the drives that stop them from playing dvds. CDs can still be played/burnt but when i try to play a dvd in any dvd player (even newly installed ones) the player will freeze or come up with an unspecified error message saying the program needs to be shut down. any suggestions?

P.S. the drives is an NEC ND-3540A there is definately no problem with the drive itself, it works on another pc in the house.

  TomG 19:35 31 May 2006

try downloading the latest drivers for your operating system

  Neillur 20:20 31 May 2006

ive tried downloading drivers for the cd drive i think its settings of some sort for either the drives or the player software any suggestions still welcome :)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:25 31 May 2006

Could you specify your O/S and programme(s) used to view DVDs please.

  woodchip 20:27 31 May 2006

Jumpers are Correct, are they?

  Neillur 20:31 31 May 2006

Windows XP SP2

The programs ive tried are as follows-
-Nero 6
-Windows media player 10
-Realplayer (latest version)
-InterActual player
-Radlight 4.0
-Powerdvd 5


  Neillur 20:42 31 May 2006

Its probably worth noting that the drives can read dvd disks (games etc)the problem is just when it comes to playing dvd videos.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:50 31 May 2006

May have too many players loaded, suggest you keep Nero and WMP10 delete rest. If functionality returns add others one at a time as listed, you may find where the conflict arises this way. If indeed that is the problem, do not know what else to suggest. The Jumpers referred to by Woodchip are on the back of the drives and can be selected as master or slave and cable select. If you have 2 drives on an IDE cable you must have one as master and one as slave, never used cable select. Usually master is at end of cable and slave in the middle. Probably best to check settings before doing anything else.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 31 May 2006

This sounds more like a problem with the player software than the drive itself.

Assumming your using PowerDVD5 and no other program is also trying to play the DVD at the same time?

If all these players are installed I think they are conflicting with each othe, I would certainly uninstall InterActual player first and retry followed by real player

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