DVD Drive Locks Up

  jeffg22 04:34 27 Apr 2004

Hi -

I recently bought a Dell Dimension 4600i computer that came with a Teac DVD+RW DV-W58E drive and Sonic RecordNow Deluxe software. The operating system is Windows XP Professional. I use the DVD most often for data (not multimedia) applications, including searching/reading a Microsoft DVD with knowledgebase articles on it (primarily used via Microsoft Visual Studio), and copying data files to a DVD+RW for backup purposes, using Sonic RecordNow.

Whenever I use the drive, even listing directories using Windows Explorer, the application using the drive seems to work fine, but the drive then locks shut. The button on the drive doesn't open the drive, and the eject selection in Explorer doesn't open the drive. The only way to open the drive is to restart the computer.

When I restart the computer (by selecting 'Turn off computer ...' from the Start Menu and then selecting 'Restart'), the drive opens and the following Sonic DLA message appears:

"DLA is completing an operation for another user of this machine. To avoid possible data loss, save any changes to open files, close any open applications, and retry this operation. Do you wish to continue? (Yes/No)"

(I'm the only one using the machine, and I've long since (I've tried waiting overnight) finished using the drive and/or RecordNow.)

When I click 'Yes,' the computer shuts completely off (rather than restarting). I then can re-start things by pressing the physical on-off button on the computer. Until the next time I use the DVD+RW drive, the drive is unlocked and Restart restarts (rather than shutting down).

Please help.

- Jeff

  mezzanine 12:16 27 Apr 2004

this is by design, any cd/dvd writing s/w will lock the drive, simply so it can't be eject whist in the middle of an operation, the issue that your experiencing could be cause by two things, first you have an open or uncomplete project in the dvd writing s/w or the s/w is corrupt, the solution to the first one is to assure that all current operations are complete and the second is to reinstall the writing s/w.

also check the s/w manufacturers websites for any relevant updates. (do this before reinstalling to save time)



  jeffg22 14:17 27 Apr 2004

Thanks, James

I think you describe a different problem.

My drive locks even when I've only _read_ the CD -- no writes involved. For example, I use Windows Explorer to see a list of directories on the DVD. The list appears as expected. I exit Explorer, and my drive is locked.

I'm hoping this isn't 'by design,' since I'd prefer to not have to reboot after every DVD use.

Any other thoughts??

- Jeff

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