DVD drive has vanished

  Fatsia japonica 10:34 23 Jan 2003
  Elrond 11:44 23 Jan 2003

The PSU may also be a problem 250W isn't a lot i think you need a 300W minimum to run all you'd like to run

  Fatsia japonica 11:49 23 Jan 2003

well i have taken out the video capture card and replaced the dvd and cd cables in their original position but the dvd drive is still not recognised.
So back to square 1.

DeViant--I've never touched BIOS I havent a clue what to do or even what I might be looking for.
Is it easy?


  rmn 11:57 23 Jan 2003

when you removed the card did you remove the drivers as well it could be them.did the card come with xp drivers try the latest ones from the manafacturers website.darren

  Fatsia japonica 11:59 23 Jan 2003

Yes I uninstalled the whole lot, does anyone know how I might get into the bios just to have a look around, I promise not to touch anything as I'm sure to break it.

  Elrond 12:09 23 Jan 2003

press del on start up. That shud get you in the BIOS but be careful and if you change anything you aren't sure about exit without saving changes

  Fatsia japonica 12:13 23 Jan 2003

Ok everyone thanks all for your help, I have to go out for a bit now but will come back later.

Thanks again

  rmn 12:14 23 Jan 2003

when pc starts up black screen white writing will say something like hit delete to enter setup.youll need to be quick to read it.its not always delete key could be escape or f1.it should then take you to a blue screen this is the bios it means basic input output system i think?also known as cmos dont know what that stands for either i think from memory you need to be at advanced settings you can poke about but to get out you will need to exit without saving settings just in case you accidently alter something then the change will not be saved.darren

  Fatsia japonica 12:22 23 Jan 2003

Thanx RMN I will take a deep breath and dive in

  Elrond 12:27 23 Jan 2003

CMOS = Complimentary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor

  rmn 12:36 23 Jan 2003

thanks elrond this need to know thing gets a bit silly at times but i cant help it.darren

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