DVD drive found that I dont have

  dave_the_red 10:38 28 Oct 2004

I have an annoying problem with windows XP. I have one cdrw drive but in my computer it is showing the cdrw plus a dvd drive. I dont even own a dvd drive LOL.

Anyone got any iddeas why this is happening?

  captain birdseye 11:11 28 Oct 2004

Could it be a combo drive, ie cdrw + read only dvds?

  dave_the_red 14:12 28 Oct 2004

No it definitely isnt Birdseye. The strange thing is that they are showing up as two seperate drives anyway. For example

C: hard disk drive
D: cdrw
E: dvd rom

I only have one cd drive. Very strange

  SANTOS7 15:07 28 Oct 2004

some copy software have virtual drives clone to mention one, it may be something to do with that......

  dave_the_red 16:14 28 Oct 2004

Thanks Santos but i forgot to mention that in addition to these I also have a clone cd virtual drive and this was happening when I first installed XP. So to amend the above in my computer it shows.

A: floppy disk
C: hard disk drive
D: hard disk drive
E: cdrom
F: dvd rom
G: clone cd virtual drive

  TomJerry 16:51 28 Oct 2004

Nero has a program called Image driver which also creat a virtual driver.

  SANTOS7 17:03 28 Oct 2004

click here i'm at aloss but i've found this which may help,good luck......

  dave_the_red 00:33 01 Nov 2004

I do have nero, maybe that is it TomJerry. Will check that out.


  dave_the_red 12:42 02 Nov 2004

Found out that it is alcohol (the software, not me being drunk) causing this. Thanks for all your input


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