Dvd drive does not recognise cd's

  stingray 20:44 07 Nov 2008

I have recently installed SP3 onto my xp home edition of windows, since then my external dvd rw has stopped working and has been taken out of the system, however my internal dvd drive now fails to recognise any format other than dvd's this seems to be more than coincidental are there any known issues regarding sp3 in this respect? I would be grateful for any advice.

  Technotiger 20:56 07 Nov 2008

I have XP Home (SP3) and two internal DVD/RW drives, both running perfectly. Installation of SP3 some time ago, did not cause any problems at all.

  Technotiger 20:57 07 Nov 2008

PS - SP3 is Version .3264

  DieSse 22:53 07 Nov 2008

Both my DVD drives, one a writer, also continued to work fine post SP3 (as did all the rest of the system).

The commonest cause of CD/DVD drives failing to work on either CDs or DVDs (whilst stll working on the other one) is a hardware failure in one or other of the laser or circuits inside the drive itself.

  stingray 18:31 08 Nov 2008

Thanks guys if I may explain a little further, my external drive I had been suspicious of causing problems for some time so when it refused to be fed i.e would take in media hold it for a second or two and then spew it out again I took the opertunity to replace it one week ago buying a sony dvd rewriter and installing it into the external case. Fired it up and tested it by copying from one dvd rom drive to the burner.So far so good but 2 days later I tried to play a cd and it has consistantly refused to recognise anything else other than Dvd's so imagine my surprise when inserting a cd into the Dvd rom I got the same response! Is it likely that I could have 2 drives fail in so short a time and one of them brand new? Incidently I have 2 hard drives each with its own version of XP home and I have uninstalled SP3 on one of them and the result is the same so I guess thats not the problem. I have noticed in other forems the same topic but with no conclusive answers. Once again any help would be much appreciated.

  skidzy 18:39 08 Nov 2008

Uninstall the drive from device manager and reboot the computer,xp will reinstall the generic drivers...does this work ?

  angg 19:27 08 Nov 2008

I am also having the CD drive not reading the CD problem. I didnt install anything its just not working. Been trough trouble shoot, uninstalled let xp reinstall it, it says drive works fine. I have downloaded 2 differnt drive for my cd driver R40Zs0p and R40zs0r. My cd drive is a Liteon LTR-40124S if anyone has information on help, please let me know

  stingray 20:42 08 Nov 2008

Thanks skidzy tried that several times same result if I put a cd in everthing just freezes till I remove it.

  angg 01:35 09 Nov 2008


  Technotiger 09:45 09 Nov 2008

Have you tried running a Cleaning CD in the drive - it might just be a dirty Laser Lens. Cleaning CD's cost about £5, or maybe less.

  angg 02:00 12 Nov 2008

havent thought of this. but its the only thing left for me to try. thanks for the idea.

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